Thursday, February 08, 2007

yesterday evening

I could as well title this "My football disappointment" :P
30 mins later - how easy it is to distract me :O - i totally forgot i was writing this entry of mine ;) , but now i remembered that i wanted to write about football disaster :D

So here i go.. first, yesterday i had to give a lesson, but i cancelled it, was too tired :P - :( - i have some bad feelings about it, but it is soooooooo hard to give lessons on Wednesday :O - i can easily give them on Monday and on Thursday and even on Friday but pleaaaaaaaaaaase - dont make me give lessons on Wednesday, i cant remember if i ever went to lectures on Wednesday when i studied :D...hahaha... i missed too many lectures i guess - and not only on Wednesday :P ..but who cares now when i finally did graduate and did it pretty well ;)...

hahaha..again i got distracted... so, since i cancelled a lesson i left the office late again :( - still try to catch up on the work i need to do :)... and then i got home at about 9 pm again ...Anyways it is not that bad because football started really late and i had time to do some work i brought from the office... But did i do any work? :O Of course, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :D i was sooooooo tired that i didnt do anything on my PC, even nothing for fun, except chatting... i even didnt download anything yesterday evening... ohhh... yeah, now we are closer to football ;)
Russia - Netherlands ... i completely missed the first half and now i think it is better so ;) it ended with 0-0 score ;) and right after i disconnected, the second half started!!!! WOW... i should have gone to bed instead !!! I am indignant, i was indignant and believe me i will stay indignant!!! :x ...*they dont have indignant smilies here* - *they dont have any smilies at all here!!!* brrrrrr... and do you know why i am indignant... it was still 0-0 when i went to make myself a cup of tea... i was away for 5 mins... and when i was back... it was 2-0 already.... i missed 2 goals in 5 mins :O - and if you think it was Russia who scored - i have to disappoint you!!! it was someone else, probably Netherlands :D
I should have gone to bed right after that but they had to play for about 15 mins and you know... hope is a good thing ;) Especially when Russia scored and it became 2-1 But Russia isnt Manchester United playing in UEFA Champions League final in 1999 against Bayern, when they were losing 0-1 3 minutes before the match end (!) and did win it with 2-1 result!!! That was something worth watching and remembering...
But back to yesterday... it ended up with 4-1 *there is no need to say who the winner was :P* and i wished i havent seen it :( - such a disappointment!!! even if i knew they wont do well, but still!!! ufff!!! that was mean of them, to do this to me :P... But lets hope everything will be better when they play official Euro 2008 games ;)
Thats all for now, will be back later :)

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