Sunday, February 25, 2007

So yesterday

It is scaring how when you think that you are through something then you realise that you really are not... and there can be only one word that suddenly makes you feel this, when you become helpless because you know that everything is different now..
Our talk about dreams yesterday really made me upset and i am glad that i didnt go to bed right after that.. even now i wonder how come you kept me awake till 3 am :P And even if i felt quite upset i did the very wonderful thing, i guess the only right at that moment ;) - i took my great new mp3 player and set the timer for 15 mins with the one song only, i guess there is no need to say which one ;) .. as i love Hillary sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!! And then i fell asleep listening to the song and woke up today with an amazing feeling that everything is wonderful because

Laugh it off let it go and
When you wake up it will seem
So yesterday...

Alexandra woke me up at 8.30 ... grrrrrrr... i guess i missed some sleep :P

Anyways i will add a bit more later as now i am going to read a bit and may be even to eat something :O ... i wonder how much i eat when i am home :O hehehe

Have a wonderful day whoever has read it till this line ;)

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Abhay Tuesday, February 27, 2007  

Great to know that you are feeling wonderful as you always do. :)

Have an amazing day. :)

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