Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just a Short Reminder of My Existence

I know I have been absent from your blogs for ages but I am going to come back to it next week. And I am just reminding all of you that I am shifting from this place to The Colors Magazine.

This place here most probably wont be updating anymore, so please if you want to read me in the future update your blogrolls and subscribe to my new feed.
Thank you :)


Monday, May 11, 2009

The Colors Magazine

Dear everyone,

you should have noticed I reduced my activity on blogger and have hardly visited anyone of you. For that I am sorry and will try my best to catch up with everyone of you soon. One of many reasons for me being so busy is my new kid, a website I am launching with the help of a dear friend who made sich a birthday present for me. The idea of making something bigger was there for long and now I finally realized it... took me some time to design things and make them the way I want to and today i can proudly announce the birth of my new home - The Colors Magazine (yes, yes, click the link, its working perfectly).
For now most of the posts there are from this blog, but new stuff is coming up.
I won't delete my blog here but most probably I will update less frequently. And all of you are welcome at my new site, do visit, do subscribe, be sure you don't miss anything.

And please don't forget to add my new website to your blogrolls. Thanks in advance.

Love you all,
take very good care,
see you at The Colors Magazine


Thursday, May 07, 2009

Of Crazy Girls

My birthday is on 8th March. Not that I am asking for the gifts, 2 months later, no, I’m not, so you can relax now. It is just my way to start a story about something or maybe SOMEONE special. So, let me continue.

On the 7th March, in the late evening, I was sitting in my room with my laptop, online, chatting with a couple of friends. At 9:30 pm exactly I got a call. More than that it was a call from one of friends I was chatting with. Surprised I did pick up and the first thing I heard was a happy birthday song. It was sweet and cute but a little bit early. Though that friend of mine didn’t actually bother about THAT fact. She said since it was midnight in India it was officially my birthday. I didn’t argue. Nobody would. Especially after hearing the song. We talked for quite some time, can’t actually imagine how much did that call cost her, but for me it was the most precious gift.

The first call on your birthday (which technically still was not my birthday) is always special.

The girl is crazy, I tell you. She is no doubts sweet and cute and lovely... and god, she has such a sweet voice. But she is crazy. She didn’t want my cake. In fact I was ordered to eat all the cake alone because she wanted me to be fat. And she was laughing all the time, which was so contagious that it brought me into a bright mood for the next 24 hours.

She is an angel, I mentioned so many times already that she IS and ANGEL. Whenever she comes online she starts with januuuuuuuu… and after I don’t respond instantly it turns into januuuuuuuuu??? I can practically see these question marks in her eyes, which by the way are very beautiful (the eyes, not question marks). And when I don’t respond after januuuuuuuu with question marks then where are you? comes and after that a lot of waaaaaaaaaaaing. So our chats are usually full with waaaaaaing.

She is the only one who still hasn’t given up on teaching me Hindi. No, don’t expect me to TALK Hindi or even to UNDERSTAND it. But I can curse :D

She calls me names. Maybe only Sami calls me more names than her. But okay, I am not that sweet. I call them names too. They are big dumbis. But everyone knows it anyways.

She is one pure soul. When you meet such people, you don’t let them go ever. You stick to them, hold on to them, you handle them with utmost care and you love them. There are not many out there in these big worlds who are so special, so loving, so caring, so beautiful in all aspects.

I love this girl, she is my friend, my soulsister, my Preetu Sweetu - a Big Dumbi! That’s Preeti’s birthday tomorrow, on the 8th May. And I just want to let her know how much I love her.

"A human or an angel- I am not sure
With a gleaming soul and a heart so pure
Life has been never the same again
Since the day you are eating my brain.
Not just a friend to me your are
But a soul sister- the brightest star.
So very far yet so near
With you beside me I have nothing to fear.
Every happiness you deserve on earth
I want you near me in my every birth.
My prayers with you will remain always
You will be a winner in life’s every phase.
I love you as though your are my eyes
Every day to you my soul flies."

She wrote the poem for me on my birthday, I tried to write better but I couldn’t. I tried to find words to describe our friendship but I always came back to those words of her. I can’t say better so I dedicate that poem back to her.

Love you, sweetheart!
Have a very Happy Birthday!
May you live 10000000000000000 years filled with love and happiness!

PS: eat up all the cake alone and get fat, girl :P


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I've Grown Up

When you grow up, you stop dreaming... the child inside you turns into someone you dont know and even not sure if you want to know...

And as the child disappears giving place to another you, your dreams disappear with that cheerful bubbly happy kid...
Some people never let that child go and keep their dreams safe for the rest of their lives...
Some give up on their dreams and grow up accepting the reality.

Don't tell me giving up is easier. For me that's the toughest thing you can ever do. To leave something you love. To let go of the part of you. To accept that some things weren't meant to be.

To grow up.

It does not mean you don't have dreams anymore. It only means you dream on a safer side.
I am a dreamer... But I have grown up. I could say that sucks, but I will say life goes on.

On a brighter note... maybe I haven't grown up.. maybe my child just fell asleep.

PS: I am here and I am fine. Will be back to blogging and bloghopping once I am done with my issues :) Till then, hope things will go great for everyone!

PPS: Tuesday Love Ramblings are on break... till the kid in me wakes up again :)


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