Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Totally Pissed Off

Disclaimer: Might be long, don't know yet, will try to reduce while writing :D

I never write personal stuff here, so whatever you have read before on this blog is all fiction. But today just felt like writing it down because thats something that totally pissed me off yesterday.

Office. 9.30 am.

I am trying hard to work, fighting my sleep which is trying to overcome me. Successful till now. Working on exhibitions catalogue. Most of russian exhibition companies are the members of our Union and they have to submit information about their exhibitions to our website. Then the info is published. Well.. not exactly then, there are various stages before that, but the end result is that the book is published.

Till some years ago they submitted the info, it was published, after couple of months they started arguing why we had published it this way or the other. All the explanations that it was submitted by them this way just didnt work. Then my smart boss suggested the idea - they should take print outs from the web site, sign them, stamp them and fax to us. In this case if they ever get any problems with us we have a proof they agreed to it. Smart, huh?

But before we work on making up the catalogue, we have to compare what they faxed to us to what they submitted to the site, because some of them tend to change info after they already signed the papers. **They are smart too**

So yesterday at 9.30 am I was doing exactly this, comparing the data submitted and the data faxed. In the middle of the process I see that one company has some big differences there. Here i must add that when they submit data to the site they dont update automatically, only I can do it manually after logging in with my password. And those who have read the instruction i had mailed them would know this. But unfortunately the guy from the company in question seemed to have some reluctance regarding all types of instruction. So he changed the info on the site, got it signed up by his boss and faxed to us. Unfortunately he didnt see that what he sent and what he submitted is different. **I remind you - the guy has problems with instructions**

10.00 am. i am calling the guy (he is in Moscow)

Call #1

Me: Hello, Mr.X. You know you seem to have sent us wrong papers.
He: I dont think so.
Me: I am sorry but i am sure you sent us the wrong papers, there are exhibitions there in the list which are deleted from the site. i cant publish it this way.
He: Ok, whats the solution?
Me: You take new print outs and fax them to us (of course signed)
He: Out of question.
Me: **HUH??** And why is that? **understanding that he is scared to go to the boss again and admit his mistake**
He: I am busy now.
Me: Dont tell me you are busy. You dont have to handle 1500 exhibitions like i do. I believe you can find few mins to take printouts and get them signed.
He: Can i only send the sheets where you have wrong info from us.
Me: **if i cant have anything better... grrrrrrrrrrrrr** Sure, but i need them by the end of the day.
He: can you mail me the numbers of sheets?
Me: **HUH?? I can tell you them right now** OK, i will.

Call ended.

I am mailing him the numbers, explaining exactly what i need from him. He calls right back.

11.30 am

Call #2.

He: You know i found some mistakes in the info i submitted to the web site, can i change them.
Me: I am sorry, sir, but you dont have the access to the editing anymore **Thanks God!**
He: What should i do then? I need to change the name of the manager in few events.
Me: No problem, you just write them down on that printout and i will edit myself **Grrrrrrrrr, how dumb you are, couldnt do it right from the first time**
He: Ok, thanks, i will.

Call ended.

12.30 pm

I am getting the fax. On the events where the name should have been changed instead of giving me new name and new contacts he writes "ANOTHER MANAGER"
Mailing him, asking to give the NAME, PHONE NUMBER and E-MAIL.

He calls back.

Call#3 (My favourite)

He: Hello again.
Me: Hi.
He: I did write ANOTHER MANAGER there.
Me: I know.
He: I will tell you the name now and you will put it there.
Me: Oh.. really? I cant do it.
He: Why?
Me: I need the signed papers.
He: But i am telling you the name.
Me: I cant take it, i need sighed papers.
He: And why is that.
Me: Because in 2 months you will call and ask why i put this name and i wont be able to give any proof you gave it to me on phone.
He: But you do understand i am giving you the correct name.
Me: If the papers are not signed I am not supposed to understand anything.
He: I will not send you anything. Thats crap.
Me: Thats agreement between my boss and your boss, not up to you to decide.
He: Can i talk with Mrs. S.? (my boss)
Me: **HUH?? What else you want?** Sorry it is not possible, please write the name down on the print outs, sign them up and fax to me.
He: You understand we are wasting time now.
Me: I understand you are wasting my time.
He: Can I talk to Mrs. S?
Me:**So that you will waste her time too??** No, I am sorry, she doesnt keep herself busy with such small issues.
He: So you do agree it is a small issue.
Me: I only agree it is an issue that should be solved, can you please send me the signed copy?
He: Can i talk with Mrs. S?
Me: **not again!!** Sorry, you cant. But you can talk with Mr. L. (his boss), after Mrs. S talks to Mr. L.
He: I dont think it is necessary.
Me: Then send me the fax.
He: I want to talk with Mrs. S.? **Grrrrrrrrr** I can convince her you are telling crap?
Me: **still very polite** Sorry Mr. X., but you cant talk with her because it wont change anything.
He: You should understand i have a very big event now to handle and will be busy for another 4 days.
Me: Ok, not a problem, send it to me after 4 days, i am patient enough.
He: You dont understand i will not send you anything.
Me:**is he dumb or just pretending to be?** You will else your boss will be informed about you having submitted incorrect info...

here a small Russian lesson: like in english negative form is formed by adding prefix un- (noticed - unnoticed), in russian is used prefix ne-. Thing is that some words have these pairs like pravilno - nepravilno **right-wrong**) and some dont. For example there is a word nebrezhno which means incorrect, unaccurate, but the word brezhno does not exist, so as antonym to the first word the other means are being used
here we go again

Me: Mr. L. will be informed that you made your work very nebrezhno.
He: I did it very much brezhno.
Me:**HUH?** Once you will learn some common rules of russian grammar and vocabulary, we will talk about the way you did your work, for now i need the signed copy of the print outs.
He: Can i talk to Mrs. S.??
Me:**Helpless, tired, annoyed** Sorry, you cannot but Mrs. S. sure can talk with Mr. L.
He: I will do everything possible not to send you these info.
Me: Give it a try.

He hung up. Hence call ended.
14.40 pm.
My office colleagues asking me who was the "lucky" guy i was talking to.
After hearing the name everyone sighed understandingly.. everyone had to deal with him in the past already.

PS: Mrs. S. called Mr. L., after that another guy called back, and asked very politely what he should do and promised to send the fax by today... Waiting...


Thursday, October 09, 2008

My Colorful Soul-sis!

My soul is one widespread canvas,
With shades and patches of every color,
All colors turn to the enclaves of love,
Where resides Lenu, one sweet blogger.
A radiant orange of the sun shines,
When Lenu glows splendid happiness.
As the flimsy pearl –purest as the moon
Shimmers her face while flows mighty the tresses..

Lips in pink parts in surreal delight,
Like the petals unfurl in hazed dreams,
And as blue as the waves of the oceans-
Her Eyes most sensual in mortals realm..

We the sisters in Soul-friends on Earth
Lenu- the priceless jewel of mine she is-
For her Blog's birthday, here’s my bearhug-
From my inmost core of the heart- I send
Blessings and a sweetest renal kiss.


P.S- People, please do not miss Luckydivz's and Ankur’s dedication to Janu’s blog below :). This post should not outdo their efforts of letting us know how and why we wear the colors of lena’s soul :P :P


One angelic color

Janu is an angel. A dumb angel I must say for she is a dolt in mathematics (she doesn’t know what half of two plus two is :P and still claims to be an expert in math :P).

A lot goes into saying that she is one. No wonder she has used over 60 adjectives to describe herself to the world in the about me section of her orkut profile. But there’s one word that she definitely missed out, precisely the first that comes into my mind when I think of her- BEAUTIFUL. Ya ya she has got a beautiful figure :P besides a beautiful soul. Wondering if you got the sarcasm behind the beautiful figure thing :P.

Sweetu :) cry a bit. It might help. Don’t keep it inside. I wish I could be there and give you a bear hug. Love you so much sweets – that’s a message I received from her on my phone when I was deeply upset about something. It made me cry more…perhaps out of happiness for sharing such a special bond with someone who is miles away. After that day my phone gave a lot of warnings about message memory being full which meant I had to erase a few. Somehow that message still stays while many others have lost their places. I will not say more ;) coz it should mean a lot to her :P.

Janu though it’s your Blog’s birthday and I haven’t written anything about your much valued writings, maybe because people who read you already know.

Love you janu!

P.S- People, please do not miss ANKUR’S dedication to Janu’s blog below :). This post should not outdo his efforts of letting us know how and why we wear the colors of lena’s soul :P :P


Colors of the Soul...

Life has a complex formation. There is no fixed formula of success or happiness. Life gives you option, you choose one and it leads you to a path which is unseen and unheard of. Thats the life one lives for himself.

We take birth and grow up. In the initial period we have no inhibitions, no goals, no motives, no prejudices. Life of a child is so much fun without all this.

It brings smile to the faces around. A small child doesnt demand for a chocolate thinking of his future, neither does he cares. He has what we call it as "The True Color of the soul..." brightest and vibrant among all.

I just wish, when we grow, we could just help the soul grow more vibrant and bright. I just wish we dont be so selfish that we forget about the rest around us. I just wish that we start CARING whats going around...

This day is the birthday of this blog and now its 2 years old. So first, here is wishing it Congratulations as it has a long way to go.

And Second, wishing the most important thing, for it to keep up the spirit. The spirit for which i have known this blog for all this while. The true emotions about life, love, friends and relationships. Colors of her soul... Colors of our soul!!!!


PS: Written definitely not by the author of this blog, please do not praise me but birthday wishes and gifts are accepted!!!


Sunday, October 05, 2008


Finally i brought my other blog back to life. For some personal reasons i do not write all the stuff here, topics that most confuse me or seem to be questionable are/will be discussed there only, so if you are interested, you can always take a look here: This Too Shall Pass.


Me in BlogsWorld



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