Sunday, February 18, 2007

A letter to God

Dear God!
You know i am not good at writing and i even dont know if you exist but i still am writing to you supposing that if you do exist you sure have internet access and it may be even cheaper than the one i have now :P... unlike many i wont ask you for anything..I have all i need, may be even more than needed and what i dont have now i sure will have in the future because i know one trick - "if you want to have something different, try to do something different" ;)) - You sure should do this one of your commandments ;) May be then we, common people, would act different :O ...

So, the main aim of this letter it to say "Thank you" - and not for putting too many obstacles on my way but for friends who were there to help me in going through all the obstacles, the ones who could catch me when i fell down, who help me through when i was broken to pieces, who shed my tears and collected them saying they would be happy to give me a smile instead of every of tear :) .. thank you for sending these people across my way, thank you that they were there for me yesterday and today, when i most needed it :)...i know, friendship is a gift, but a gift that should be deserved..i dont know what i have done before to deserve such great friends and i am ready to pay every price for their staying with me forever :) And thank you, God, that you sent them my way, and that they love me no matter what, even when i am not talkative, not sensible, stupid, nervous and arrogant - they know me well enough to understand how to bring me back to life :)) and to sense :))

And thank you for that experience too, God... Dont think though it was necessary..I guess i could have done fine without it :O... But everything has a reason, so may be later i will realise what is the reason for this episode in my life :) and may be then i will be more grateful to you than i am now :))

Have a wonderful night, my dear God...
Cant say though i love you very much now, but be sure i do, just in my own way :)
A very different one ;)

Bye for now, God and please do take good care of all i love, - thats the least thing you own me now :)

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Abhay Monday, February 19, 2007  

Nice... very nice. :))

Take care, Lena. :)

Abhay Monday, February 19, 2007  

Have a wonderful day. :)

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