Thursday, February 01, 2007

Moscow was terrible this addition to all the stress from here i caught cold :(
Thats really sad :(( am feeling quite weak now...dont feel like working at all :O
The first day on the old/new job :O - am doing both since no replacement has been fount till yet :(( ..dont know how i'll manage it is getting very hard... need a vacation. :))
Actually should start thinking about summer vacation now, still have no idea where to spend it - hehe..i seldom plan something in advance but this time i really should because of all this visa and tickets and money stuff :-x... I wanted to ask my readers if they have any ideas, but then i remembered that i dont have any readers :O - even Abhay is not reading any more :((.. but if you finzlly by accidence get to read it, you are really welcome with your ideas where i could spend my summer vacation ;)) it will be surely appreciated ;)

Life is mean and difficult now... NO NO NO - you are talking crap, Lena...
Life is just amazing, wonderful and the best thing that happened to me :)) - well the second best - the first one was you, love ;))

Gotta go back to work :) - :(

PS: i do have a counter installed here and it shows that someone from New Zealand is reading constantly :P - i am really curious ;)) can actually show up, i am not biting :P

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Anonymous,  Thursday, February 01, 2007  

I found that your blog is so interesting to read lolzz... I am actually an international student who study in NZ. I'm please to know you as well as having chance to read your blog. Cheer. Hope that you have a great moment. God Bless U !!!

just a nice girl Thursday, February 01, 2007  

It is really good that you liked reading my blog :) Actually there are only 2 person reading dont really mind because i am writing it mainly for myself but if someone finds it interesting they are always welcome :)

Have a good day!!!
Take care :)

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