Tuesday, February 06, 2007

just an update

Decisions are made to be followed... seems i am too weak to do so :P or may be it really was not the wisest of mine decisions ;) All day long i was offline and only when one of friends asked me to come online on yahoo and i did because he really needed me a lot yesterday, then only few mins later, someone i wasnt supposed to talk to (and, love, you sure know i am talking about you :P) came online... of course i just couldnt resist messaging you ;) Guess i have to send a thank you-note to Manish for asking me to come online ;)) - but i wont, otherwise his gf will again misunderstand everything :P... Anyways i am glad we talked yesterday and today - i understood a lot of things, and thats really great!!! Because now i understand you better, not still completely but better :)... and it makes me feel better too, because now i fully understand your theory of special and important people :)) And of course you are right in every way making them feel special.. But like i said special people need to be reminded of this. And even if you dont agree with me on this, it is the way i am... I am not the best person on this planet, not something special, just a very common one, but whenever you feel that i make you feel better and happier, dont hesitate to tell me.. i know it may be hard but it will surely be appreciated :)

Now, to current events, the pains are really terrible today, in addition to the usual ones, the back hurts again :( ...work load is still the same, nothing new, no replacement found, and my friends are angry with me because i cant find time for them... such a bad person i am :(
May be if no pains on the weekend i will be able to visit some of them ;) Am still not sure - cant plan anything because of health problems... Anyways, whoever reads this, please, no sorry's .. Keep smiling for me and i will keep smiling as well :))

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