Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Sweet Little Sister

She is sweet. She is cute. She is lovely. She is loving. She makes me smile without much effort. She is funny even when she is sad. She cries too much. She is mad at times. And a big time silly.
She is there for me when I need it. She loves me even if I think I don’t deserve it.
She laughs with me, she cries with me. She asks me the dumbest questions ever. She shares the weirdest memories with me.
When I feel bad I know who to turn to. When I am lost I know who will guide me.
No matter how calm or stormy my life is I know she is there for me.
No matter what I do, good or bad, I know she plays along.
No matter what I say, she knows right away when something is wrong.
And she is always right. Always.
She sees me at my worst and at my best and she still loves me.
She might call at night just because she feels lonely.
She would even not talk when she is online, but just a simple “hi” would make up for this because I know she is there and she knows I am there too.
She would share everything with me, except chocolates and ice-creams.
She is the one who knows when I am smiling, even in the dark.
And she always knows when I am crying even when she does not see my tears.
She reaches for my hand and touches my heart. More than that, she lives there, tucked so close so there is no escape, and I know she wouldn’t wish to run away.

She is my younger sister.

So what if not by blood. Our roots might not say we are sisters but our hearts surely do.
And she is getting one year older and maybe even wiser and smarter and .. and… and… (which all is doubtful) but no way she will ever lose this child inside her. And that’s the best thing.

Love you, cutie pie.
May everything in your life happen the best way, the way you always wished for yourself.
Happy birthday!!

Umm.... and by the way.. her name is Div, Divvi or Divvu... I guess she has no idea herself :P
And she has a birthday tomorrow, but i thought of posting today :)


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Do You Have a Life You wanted?

I have been out for a business trip for over a week and am going to write about it but not today. Today i just felt this urgent need to update my blog just with anything but feel too lazy to write something new :D
Hence this is a repost.

It's amazing but when you're a kid you see the life you want and it never crosses your mind that it isn't gonna turn out that way.

As children we see our future just perfectly and clearly and know exactly what we will do, how we will do this, why we will do and with whom we would like to do this. And even if we realize that it would be difficult (mostly we sure dont realize it or rather don't think that we have to THINK about it) we still truly believe nothing is impossible.

And even when we grow up the thought of this "Nothing is impossible" is stuck inside our heads and we keep repeating it for some motivational purposes even when people with most positive attitude know it is not like that :)

But somehow the thought of this "everything is possible" is very close to our minds and hearts. I am the one who believes "Nothing is impossible", maybe because i have more of a child in me still than necessary, maybe because i still believe that life can turn out the way i have seen it in my childhood (can i say foreseen???)

But back to the original thought.. how many of us remember our childhood dreams and pictures of "adult" life? And how many can say that what they have dreamt 20 years ago has come true or that they still want it to come true??

Thats so simple for children, for us as children: you just KNOW that one day it happens, but then when it DOES NOT happen, you aren't disappointed as you are not a child anymore and you realize that expectations tend to fail.

The main idea is - do we have the life we wanted as children and if the answer is 'NO' .... then are we disappointed about it??? And would we have been disappointed then 20 years back if we knew we would never have life we want?

Of course we want different things from life at every stage of our presence here - and that's silly to suppose that life we wanted as children is the same as life we want as adults... but if we drop some details and concentrate on the big picture only.. considering how wise children are - isn't it the best we want for ourselves and which rarely comes true because while growing up we lose something important, something we hardly will be able to find, that part of our soul that just KNOWS "Nothing is impossible" :)

Just a thought...


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Capturing Moments

If you had one shot, one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted - One moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?
- Eminem, Lose yourself

If I look back at my life in the past few months I can be sure i have not let anything slip. Every moment, good or bad is captured and safely stored in my gmail account. And from all those moments there are many which i cherish the most because they were spent with people I love a lot.

We can discuss as often as we want to about "online" - friends but you can't really use this term for someone who had been with you through tough and happy times, who shared with you their problems and asked for advice, who cried with you, who laughed with you, who just stayed there saying nothing but you always knew if you need them they will be there. Just a call away.

And every moment of a wonderful friendship from its first step till today is carefully saved, stored and cherished. So what if it is only written on your screen as chats' history. These are minutes of your life, hours of happiness, months of understanding and toleration, a lifetime of friendship.

Here today I am posting abstracts of chats i have had with these angels of my life, who were sweet enough to give their permission to post it (as if i wouldnt have posted them without any permission :D)

And their names are Sami, Div and Preeti - in the order of me getting to know them.

me: dumbi you didnt make attachment
div: huh?
me: i have not got anything attached
div: i fwded whatever she sent me ...ok wait
lena u r dumb :P
did u see only the mail i sent to sami?
me: i am not
div: click on the one she sent
me: i cant click on the one she sent because you are dumb :P
for that you should have sent me the one she sent and not you
div: shut up
me: :P

div: sami is not online :O any idea as to y?
me: nahhh no idea :O
div: okie
i thot u might b knowing coz u r very smart
me: even smart people cant read thoughts :D
div: and sometimes dumb ppl can :)
me: ohh really? then it is just luck!
div: some people are jealous
me: some people dont know what they are saying
div: like lena doesnt know what shez talking :P
me: like divvi has no idea about what lena is talking :P
div: hahaaha n vice-versa
me: naaaa lena is smart she knows divvi is talking dumb talks :P
div: n vice-versa :P
me: naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
div: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Preeti: u knw janu
thr is 1 guy
no actualy at presnt 3 guys
no no 4 :P
me: maybe 5?
Preeti: MAY B
yes thr r :D
BUT othrs r not as imp as thm
u bsy
me: me thinking about your guys :P
why are they so important?
Preeti: wat?
i hvnt sd anything yet
o thy r my grttttttttt frenz
me: ok cool :P only 5 guys?
Preeti: no 6
me: ok, now tell me about all 6 :D
Preeti: hmm
me: hmm?? so much about 6 guys?
* she did tell about one guy only

me: are you mad?
div: :O
no :P
y did u ask :(
me: how do you know that you are not mad?
div: lol....i just know...coz i am smart :P
me: how do you know you are smart?
div: i just know :P
me: how do you know?
div: do u understand?
me: how do you know you are smart?
div: shut upppp
me: no, tell me, how?
div: u dumb lady
my teacher told me :P
me: how did your teacher know you are smart?
div: lena plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :P
me: nooooooooooooooooooo
how did the teacher know?
div: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Same time - another window

me: are you mad?
Sameera: no u areeeee
me: how do you know you are not?
Sameera: cause i am not
me: how do you know?
Sameera: cause i knowwwwwwwwwww
me: how?how do you know you are not?
Sameera: *showing some weird picture*
me: and now you proved you are mad
Sameera: tat was ur pic
me: how do you know you are not mad?
Sameera: shutup
me: no, how do you know you are mot mad? maybe you are mad?
Sameera: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Preeti: u knw janu
yes i knw u knw
me: what do i know?
Preeti: love is so strnge
me: it definitely is :)
but how did my saali come to this thought?
Preeti: hmmm
i knw i dont hv brains
but a heart
thats y
me: awww... me is dumb, me didnt think about the heart :P
Preeti: coz u too dnt hv brains
me: yaa we both are too dumb :P
Preeti: saali dumb-bums
me: lolz thats a new term :D
Preeti: YE YE
one day we will develop a whole new language
dumb-bumb language
me: i have no doubts! am working on it since ages :P
Preeti: thn who one of us will b d mother n d fathr of new laguage
me: umm.... cant the language have 2 aunties? :P
Preeti: thn wat abt d mothers?
me: it will be an orphan
* dont try to steal dumb-bumb language.. it is patented, copyrighted and what not.. it is ours :D

me: btw i have a long weekend
Sameera: how??
me: 3 days, we have a holiday
Sameera: not fair
me: huh!! it issssss
Sameera: me wants long weekend too
me: lolzz you were off yday
Sameera: i TOOK leave
loss of payyy
me: not fairrrrrrrrrrrr
Sameera: me is bechari
me: bechari??
Sameera: han main bechari
me: i can make you laugh
Sameera: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
me: i learned a new word today
Sameera: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
muje chutti chahiye
sammu ko chutti chahiye
sammu kal kaam pe nahi jaana chahti
me: whats all this?
Sameera: find out!
me: tumhe jana padega!!
Sameera: tu chup baith
tujhe to 3 din chutti jo mil gaya
me: ya ya main bahut khushi hu
Sameera: khushi nahi
khush is to be happy
me: whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Sameera: khushi is happiness
not wateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
me: main still bahut khush hu
Sameera: ya ya
chal ja
me: hum saare hi dumbis hai but tum sabse zyada ho
Sameera: tum hooooooooooooooooo
me: nahi
Sameera: main nahi!
main akalmand hun
me: tum and akalmand?????? tum galat ho
Sameera: tum chup baitho
me: huh!! tu chup baith
Sameera: tu ja
me: ghas khao
Sameera: tum ghas khao
tangdi kabab
me: lolzzz
Sameera: kya?
me: aise hi
Sameera: ya ya
*you think i know hindi... thats misconception :D I dont...

And here is the wish i have got from Divvi once but now dedicate to all three of them :)

When I look at you, I cannot deny there is God,
cause only God could have created some one

as wonderful and beautiful as you

No shadows to depress you,

Only joys to surround you.

Many friends to love you.

God himself to bless you.
These are my wishes for you,

For today, tommorrow & everyday

*pic's credit goes to Sami :)

Love you girls! :)


Just a note.. story blog went private. I guess everyone who wanted an invite has already asked, so please no bad feelings if will say you have no permission to see that blog. Thanks.


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