Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love is...

This is a re-post from TLR, modified... scheduled.. And, no, i am not back yet, just could not miss Valentine's Day :)

That's to all of us who love, are loved or will be loved :)

From all the mysteries life has gifted us with love is the most mysterious mystery. Everyone has their own answers to the question what love is, yet nobody really knows.
How many times have you been asked what love is. And how many times have you tried to come up with the answer which could possibly match all the aspects of love. And how many times you had to compromise with the vocabulary that seems not to be enough to be worth the beauty of this feeling. Countless…

From all 6 billion human beings on this planet everyone knows what love is but nobody can explain as it is very different for each one of us. And on the other hand, it is still the same.

You can't explain what you feel when you hear “I love you” said by someone you always wanted to hear it from.
You can’t explain the extent of your pain when you miss someone you love.
You can’t explain why when you are with the one you love time flies faster and when you are without them time goes slowly.

You can’t give the answers about what you feel, how you feel and when you feel it.

Have you ever asked this “How much you love me?” – question? I bet at least half of you did. Silly, isn’t it? Can you answer this one if being asked? The answers you can come up with can be different. “More than anyone/thing else’, “above all”, “unimaginable”, “with no limits”, “a lot”. But what is this “a lot”?

A lot is more then the amount of stars in the sky...
More than the amount of drops of water in the ocean...
More than the amount of money on earth...
More than the number of humans on this planet...
More than infinity...
You get the picture, don’t you? A lot is a lot... it's its own quantity.

The mystery of love continues on all the way through it. Can you explain why you love someone? And when everyone around says you are a little too good for him/her, why you fight and defense and ignore all this and do love them no matter what. What is the reason you love this person? You will never be able to explain; you can say he/she is sweet, cute, caring, loving… and lots of stuff like that. But aren’t lots of other people you meet cute, caring, sweet? Then why him/her? And how do you know this is exactly the right person?

I can’t find a reason why God gave you to me. But that’s not a question to be asked. May be question is how did God know that I needed someone like you.

For all of us love is the biggest happiness and lucky are those who happened to experience it and those who will. We only shouldn’t forget that this mystery is always about risks and it requires you to jump. Don't be a person who has to look back and worry about what might happen, don’t be afraid of the mysterious thing called love as it is there regardless what we want and what we feel. It is just there.

Love is a feeling, not a decision. You can't choose who you love, you can’t give any reasons for that, you can’t understand why they love you .

If you could it would be simpler... but a lot less magical.

There are over 6 billion people on this planet.
Some are coming to the world at this exact moment.
Some are leaving it.
Some are happy and content.
Some are in pain and scared.
Some are on their way to the office right now.
Some are sleeping.
Some are going out for dinner.
Some laugh, some cry, some hate, some love…
6 billion people in the world
6 billion souls
And sometimes, all you need is one...

And sometimes… just right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy-tale.

Happy Valentine's Day! May you always love and be loved :)


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