Wednesday, February 21, 2007

hehe..know that i have to update but dont want to type anything....feel sooooooooooooooo lazy ;)
i even know what i have to write but i cant :P make :P myself :p type .... ohhh...wait - thats exactly what i am doing ;) - i am typing :P hmm... now when i started to type i forgot what i was going to type.... well..i know this for sure but i wont...or will i... haha... just a question for God the hell did you make it possible that there was only one person online from all the people ? :O can i know the trick? ;) May be i could use it in the future :P

hehe..that would be nice if i could choose who should be online when ;) - i even know who will get more hours than others.... or at least i know some people who wouldnt mind :P and would be happy ;) really a pity i cant do this :(( not that i am really crying about this, but please, God, dont do this to me again, ok? ;)

brrrrrrrrrrr...still -20 outside and i caught cold :( feeling really sick :( hope to get well soon, dont know if it happens, because whenever i get sick it is for long :O

have i eaten today? :O dont remember, really... may be i didnt ..but i obviously drank some tea... weird how you remember some things only because you talked about them to people and we really joked anout tea a lot today :D... hmm...i guess i still got to eat something, but when? because i sure missed dinner... may be i missed something else? :O hehe..but how would i know what it is if i missed it? :O ...impossible !!!! :D

life is good, the new girl annoys me a lot :(( and for people who know me well it should be clear how bad someone should be to really annoy me :O - i dont know if she will stay for long here :O

ok, some good news... are there any good news? ;) of course there are !!!! always!!! constantly!!! I love this life ;) and i love miss Duff :P and i love my mp3 player and i love lots of people ;)

and and and... life is great!!! :) Keep smiling everyone!! :) Life is going on, no matter what ;) stay strong, try to be happy and be nice to each other :)

I again havent written anything i planned but who cares ;) after all it is my blog and i can do with it whatever i want to ;)
ufffff!!! really got cold, cant stop sneezing :P ... hope i wont infect anyone who reads this :D ... even if i do (:P) then we will be sick together :D ... any objections? ;)

Love all, have an amazing day/night/morning ...whatsoever :)

PS: did i mention that i am going to write a book? :O ..NOOOOOO, i guess i told about it to the closest friends only ... but now you all will know ;) And i will get published ;) and become popular :P hehehe..only kidding :) ...but not about the book :)

PPS: bye for now, sweetest of dreams, world :)

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