Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Cant believe i havent written anything since the 22th of May, really extremely unusual for me who used to update the blog frequently. But i even didnt feel the need in that, though had lots of time.
Finally felt i want to write now, mainly because i thought if i write things down i will feel better but now i dont think thats a good idea.. I mean not the idea of writing but the idea that it might help, thats much unlikely i guess. Still will continue writing as i already started.
Have you ever thought why all the bad things happen at once? Just everything is good, but then something bad happens and then it is more and more and more like snowfall.. They fall and fall on you.... Not real problems, nothing like that, just things that on other days wouldnt even bother you - like a cell left home or traffic jams or the colleague who thinks you have little work to do and keeps on telling this to your boss - but altogether in one week they just drive you crazy.
I surely understand that thats are things which i shouldnt worry about and i honestly am saying I DONT WORRY - not at all, they just keep me feeling bad as if nothing is ok, as if everything goes the wrong way and it really makes me mad and sad and depressed, you also can say frustrated and i hate being like that but cant help.
Want to cry all the time, may be it even would be better to cry for a while, hmm....thats an idea, may be i should try this and then start feeling better. Lets see :)

Anyways, i already lost the wish to write anything else, may be will do it later, but am not sure about this, as not sure about anything at all ...


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