Monday, February 05, 2007


Some decisions are hard to be made and even harder to be fulfilled... and may be not the right ones they are... i took a decision and it was soooooooo hard and now i am trying hard to follow it, it is not really easy, i even doubt if it was the right one, i too often act on emotions... but whatever i did it is only mine for taking..i am the only one responsible for it... what done is done and i should be strong till the end :) - even if i think that i should have acted more mature, but in a way i am happy i did it the way i did, i also wish i am able to use this little break senseful, so that it is not in vain, that it is useful and makes things turn better or at least more clearer for me.
Whatever decisions we take they are the right ones, at least thats the main reason why we take them... if something goes wrong or not the way we expect we should do something about it or change our thinking about it... thats why i need this break, may be i will be able to change my thinking or at least i will come to some wise conclusion.
It is quite strange though, first time for many many months i didnt log in into any of messengers... seems really weird ;) but i guess it will give me more opportunities to update the blog ;) and will download some books to read, and may be find something else to do like ...dont know what yet :P

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