Thursday, March 27, 2008

Show You Care

I feel the capacity to care is the thing
which gives life its deepest significance.
- Pablo Casals

Caring - feel and exhibit concern and empathy for others
- from one of online dictionaries

How many truly caring people you have met in your life?
The ones that unconditionally care for people around them.
The ones who dont think about making the world better
but still are doing this.
The ones who are there for you to give support
even though you have not stated you need it.

People who ask "How are you?" and actually want to know this.
People who will stay in touch no matter what because they need to be sure you will be fine.

Someone who would call you on your bad day few hours after you left them in the office/school/cafe just to make sure you are feeling better.
Someone who will be there for you when you want them to be... and even when you dont want to.

Living for others, giving them comfort, support, love, understanding?

Whenever I have been told the best in me is a caring nature i always thought "What a big deal? Most people have!!" Today i was told it is a big deal because unfortunately i was mistaken and it has become a rare quality in people. I wonder why?

Caring is giving. It makes you a better person. It makes your world a better one. It makes the world of people you love better. It makes the big world out there BETTER.

Show you care.
A candle loses none of its light by lighting another candle.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

A New Start

After long long discussion with one of my dearest friends i have come to the conclusion that i want a separate blog for my writings. And i want to write a story more than 1000 words, so it might become a novel if i will be patient enough to write and you curious enough to read.
You can start reading here
After a short while this blog will go private for some personal reasons, but if you are interested in reading the story, just leave your mail id in comments and i will send you the invitation.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

For Better or For Worse

Life can be ironic at times. Haven't you wondered how a change in the life of someone close to you changes your life too. You wake up in the morning and it is your world, you know what you will do, what to expect, what will happen in a month, in a year. It is not like you are planning every minute in your life. It is just that there is some basic schedule your life runs after. And you are used to this schedule and you dont have to like or dislike it. You just know it is there.

But then you get to know that the life of someone you love has taken a completely a different direction and you are happy for them, you really are, but slowly you realise that it affects you more than you thought originally. It changes your life in a way you never expected.

Just few hours and life is not the same anymore. And you are confused there wondering what to do, where to go, what will happen now. And all the plans you had before are gone because now you have to start making another plans and you even dont know for how long they will be there, because maybe tomorrow you will wake up and something is changed again. As the only constant life can offer you is CHANGE.

And now for the first time in the last few months i feel helpless. Actually it is a complicated mixture of feelings.... anger, happiness, unawareness, frustration, fear, joy... Also because i wanted this change in their life. Almost every day i wished something like that would happen. And now it did and i dont know how to react.

And i know for sure that the change in this person's life is for good and it might make good changes in my life too but it also will affect in some way people i love, good or bad, it is not written yet, but it will..

I wonder how is it possible how in just few hours someone's life is changed completely and in another few hours it makes a complete mess out of my thoughts.

Maybe sometimes things have to change. And maybe sometimes they're for the better. Or for worse. Depends on us what we will write on this new blank page of our life.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Why is It Okay to Hate Men...

I have been too lazy recently and way behind everything that is happening out here in blogosphere. For that I am sorry!! I am also very much behind with all the tags and awards I have to pass on. But now I found a way out as well as powers in myself to continue the best way. I am about to start doing tags every Friday and hope to catch up by the end of spring. This will be my Miscellaneous Friday and once I hope to make it something like Tuesday Love Ramblings. I mean at least that much constant on my blog.

And today I want to start with Pri’s tag. She tagged me like ages ago to write on 10 things I hate about men. Must be fun, so lets start ;)

  • The way they think they are smarter, they are more intelligent and the girl should not interrupt when men are talking on men’s subjects like science, computers, sports, finance, politics. Do they ever learn this kind of attitude somewhere before they go to school?? Some college for little boys, eh?? Because from the very first time they step into school together with girls they are already like that. Inborn capability? Huh?! Wake up, guys! The world changed. It doesn’t belong to you anymore!

  • They remember the name of all sportsmen ever achieved any memorable results no matter from own country or not. Ask them what was the score in the final game of the last FIFA World Cup and you will get an answer. Ask them about the date you got to know each other… birthdays?? anniversaries?? Selective memory, eh?? Would it kill to remember?

  • I wont say anything new now. But hellooooo, if you don’t know the right direction, why not to ask? Big big ego problem.
    “Men don’t need to ask for directions. They know where they are going… (errr…. Honey, where is that map?)”

  • He: Oh.. darling, you have fever. Hey, lie down, I will cook dinner myself.
    She: Oh, no, no, come on, I can do it.
    He: Huh? I told you to take rest, I’ll manage it. Err.. where are vegetables in this house? Hey, sweetheart, did you hide the knife somewhere?
    She: I still want to help you, I took some pills, fever will go now.
    He: Do you think I am not able to take care of you??!! Here is the knife, got it. Oh, shit.. I cut my finger, dear, I cut my finger, I am bleeding.. OMG.. I am bleeding.Ohh.. I am feeling so weak. I need to lie down. Bring me some juice? What?? We don’t have juice?? Go and buy it. Ohh… my finger. And now don’t say I never take care of you. I cut my finger because of you. You should be grateful you have got me. Look for sacrifices I make for you!!

    I hope you got the point!

  • The way they think to run household is not exactly work and you cant get tired by cleaning, doing the laundry, washing dishes, looking after kids.. Noooooooo, it is absolutely not the same as being in office from 9 till 6. has nothing to do with being busy. It is fun for us, kind of a hobby. Why don’t you join? Believe me in the phrase “working mother” working is redundant, actually it is already redundant in “working woman” as whatever a woman does it is already WORK!

  • You do not have birth right over the Remote control. Neither we granted this right to you. And there is more than just sports and news and stupid dirty comedies running on tv… let’s say “Desperate Housewives”, “Sex and the City”?

  • Ok, that’s something that might annoy even more. It is absolutely nothing wrong with looking (I mean we like to look too…), but haven’t you been taught about the art of looking? There is a very fine line between ogling and looking. But somehow, you guys, think its all one and the same! And they call themselves intelligent!

  • The way they hide their emotions when something goes wrong. Come on, we are not dumb, we know something is going on. And if you know us well by now we already have the theory about what exactly is going on. Like you have some illness or you would die or you are going to leave us. So if it is just some small work issue, just tell us - we would be able to handle it better than the whole lots of theories we have imagined while you were not talking.

  • The way they say I don’t bother what you look like because you are a great personality once you are their friend, after you have become their girlfriend suddenly you have to lose some weight, change your outfits, etc etc etc …. You either be more consistent or don’t say anything at all. Otherwise I have a word for it – HYPOCRISY!

  • Once again. Reality check: “A man is in fact a sport obsessed, boob-fixated alien species that will never mature beyond the mental age of 13, capable of generating vast expanses of mess, extravagant noise and unique odours simultaneously” (not my quote!). So you see we have more than just 10 reasons why it is really okay to hate men.

But well, all stereotypes. Reality is different or I want it to be different, though like we all know some points are pretty fair!

When women are upset, they go shopping, men – invade another country. That’s the whole different way of mentality.
Once we learn to live with it, things will be less complicated.

PS: though we still haven’t granted you the right over remote control ;)
PPS: i am not tagging one, though feel free to take this one up if you like :)


Sunday, March 02, 2008

No Regrets

Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.

Sydney J. Harris

We use to complain about life, about things we have to face, problems we have to deal with. And always we wonder what is there on the way to our happiness. We always find time for regrets. And this time should be reduced if we start looking forward to our future. Yes it happens that we should fight throughout our lives and have to confront with the past. But sometimes we just have to bury our regrets and give a promise to ourselves to change our ways.

Thing is that we should understand there are times when life is just fine, sometimes it is comfortable, sometimes amazing, sometimes boring, sometimes scary. When your day is not perfect, it is not a failure or a disappointment, never a regret. It is just another day.

Still you can't completely get rid of regrets. They are the part of who you are and our biggest regrets are not for the things we did but for the things we didn’t do, things we didn’t say but should have said to someone we care about. Especially in human relationships like romance and friendship. Because our lives begin to end when we stop talking about things that matter.

And maybe when we realise it the world will seem much more friendlier and life much more happier. It is worth a try, isnt it?


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