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The Wish

Just updated the story, changed some passages, seems like it has become better :)
Re-posting it again as the question about wishes is of great importance for me nowadays.
Will write about it later, maybe even tomorrow (today :D)


Very carefully, trying not to wake up the grandmother napping beside her bed Ann stood up, and came to the window. It was very late in night. She and grandma were reading an amazing magical story about not less amazing Cinderella. And then they both fell asleep. Ann smiled when she remembered the discussion they had about who is the most wonderful hero of the story. The grandmother insisted it was Cinderella herself but Ann argued. How could it be possible - of course Cinderella was beautiful in her wonderful dress and new shoes but can she be compared to the magical fairy, the one who can make your wishes come true, the one who can light up your life by fulfilling the deepest and innermost desires of your heart.

Ann smiled. Her smile, the smile of an innocent child, pure and beautiful, was like a smile of an angel, enlightening everything around, making believe that miracles happen.

Miracle… That was what Ann longed for, what she needed most of all. She looked out of the window. It was late October night. Starlit night, dark sky was so close to Ann that the thought about taking one star from it and making a wish struck her mind. Was it possible? Ann looked attentively if there was any star falling; she used to wish on stars though her wishes never came true. But today there was a special night, the night to her seventh birthday, so maybe she will be a bit luckier and her wish will be granted this time. But no, nothing like that. Stars stayed on their places smiling archly at her as if saying “No, dear Ann, we can't help you on this, that’s not our task, you have to wait patiently”.

How long does she have to wait? Since the death of her mother all she did was waiting. First, waiting for the mom to be back. But soon she realized that mom didn’t leave her. She just didn’t stay with her the way Ann wanted her to be. Since that day when her mom had to go to the best world everything changed.

Her father had work in the other city and Ann had to stay with the grandmother. She loved cozy sweet evenings with her, it felt great to know that you are loved and taken care of, but even then somehow Ann missed something. You can say it was the presence of the mother but no, at least not in the way you thought about it. Her mother was always with her, showing her love and comfort for this little angel. In a way that not everybody can understand, but Ann always knew her mother didn’t leave her. She just took another place from where she could have a better chance to look after her daughter and to lead her the way that she was supposed to go.

No, it was her father that the girl was missing. Staying at the closed window on this beautiful October night the girl seemed so lonely and unprotected, so it was no wonder that someone out there decided to help her a little bit. It started snowing.
Have you ever seen the first snow? That’s the most amazing thing nature has gifted us. Lonely beautiful snowflakes, so cold and so warm at the same time. Whirling or falling slow down, they just ask you to take them into your hand or even try on your tongue. Ann hesitated. Should she open the window and try to catch one of them. It was still cold outside and she was afraid the cold wind might wake up the grandmother. But the desire was so big that she couldn’t stop herself.

She opened the window, and caught the snowflake. Little angel was curious to talk to it.
“Where are you from?” – she asked.
“I am from a very very far place where everything is possible”, - replied the Snowflake. Ann didn’t even wonder that the snowflake was talking to her.
“How are you doing?”
“I am good, but what about you, you seem to have some troubles, sweet child.”
“No, really I am not, it is just…”
“I have birthday tomorrow.”
“I know”
“I am a magical snowflake, you should have guessed.”
“Magicaaaaaaaal??” – wondered the girl. – “And you can make the wishes true?”
“Yes, I can, is there anything I can do for you?”
The girl smiled and started already to tell about her innermost wish. “Can you..”
But the Snowflake said: “No, that’s the only thing we can't do, but you know that she is always with you, don’t you?”
“Yes, I do, but it is not the same..” The girl smiled sadly.
“I know, sweet, I know. But there where she is now she can take better care of you, she can see every step of you, every second of your life, and she is always there to protect and to comfort you. Choose another wish, Ann.”

Ann was so sad and she even didn’t notice that the Snowflake knew her by name.
“Then.. then.. I want my dad back, it is my birthday and I miss him so much and he can't come, it is all about the weather, his plane can't take off and he won't manage it to my birthday. But you are magical, aren’t you? You can do this, can you?” – with the voice full of hope begged the little angel.
“I will see what I can do, sweet”, answered the Snowflake. “All you have to do is just to close your eyes very tight and wish from all your heart.”
“Wish with all your heart….” repeated the small kid.
“Will you remember this?”
“Yes, I will”
“And now let me go, I have to go my way.”
“And what is your way?”
“I will melt when I come to the ground and then will come back the next year, and who knows, maybe we will get to talk next year to each other. And now you know what you should do.”
Ann let the Snowflake fall down and melt…

Bumms... the book flew down and hit the floor. The grandmother opened her eyes, looked at the bed and noticed the girl wasn’t in. She wondered but didn’t have time to think about it as the door bell rang. She went to open the door.

Early morning… Ann felt someone pick her up. Still sleeping she asked, “Dad, is that you?” And she even didn’t have to open her eyes to make sure. She knew that the Snowflake didn’t lie to her. It made her wish come true.

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Sameera Thursday, November 08, 2007  

That is such a sweet story!Absolutely great writing dear :)

Preetilata【ツ】 Friday, February 29, 2008  

oh! janu! i just cant believe this sweet. so much is it possible. i told u na that we are soul sisters. it was my sheer luck not to read this bfr and as i hvnt read it before my faith in magic and miracles has increased to no end.

the story is so so so good. i am just speechless janu. it made me cry with much love, faith, innocense, hope, life and magic and miracles in it.

m darn lucky to hv u in my life janu.

love u so so so much...hugs ..kisses

take care janu

urs dumbi
:) :) :)

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