Friday, November 09, 2007

Good or bad

I was going to write this entry for the last month or so but never managed to find time. Not that i got it now but just wanted finally to close this topic and write down whatever comes to my mind.

People.. Who are we? What are we? Are we all different or are we the same? Are we good or are we bad? If good - then who said so, and if bad - then again who said so? Who is there to judge? Are their any criteria?

Like we all I have come across many people in my life, good or bad, most have gone, few stayed. Why? Were they better than the rest? What makes them different? What makes me feel they ARE different? How do I know they are good? (they really are) How do I know they are not bad? (they are not!)

Browsing in Orkut through people's profiles I wondered how good they all are. They have nice friends, they have great testimonials saying how much sweet, lovable, adorable, caring and and and... they are. It means they are good. For these people. Not for others .. but it means they have something good with them which made others catch it and got such a great opinion about them. But if they are so good to them, why they are not so good or even worse than that, why they seem to be bad to others?

Confusing thought, huh?! Everyone is good in the beginning. Good for their families,
their loved ones, their friends.

But less good for someone else... How do I decide who is good enough for me? How can I dare to call someone bad if he/she is not, when he/she is so sweet and lovable and caring.

We are not different, thats true... we all are the same with the same dreams, desires, wishes. We want in the end one and the same thing from life. And we all are good! But somehow fail to see this good in each other. Too much busy with themselves, too much stressed up, too much blind, just too much...

I know it is all about values, we appreciate different things, we have different likings, we have differend levels of understanding. Sometimes it just clicks and then you feel you know this person for ages, even if ages are 2 weeks only! And not all will and can be your friends but it is not because people are bad (who are we to judge it?) it is just because we are different in our non-difference.

And even people who betrayed us or who were mean are good..... but good for someone else.
Which does not mean "not good enough" for us. I have been thinking about it for a while and really wondered about this confusing thought: "Everyone is good yet everyone is bad".

Depends on people who see you as you are / or as they think you are. So you are not what you are, you are what people think you are. I know that is kind of a silly and you can say that everyone knows who he/she is and there is no need of people's opinions about who you are.

But then do you know anyone who would say he/she is a bad person? I don't!..
We all are different yet the same...
We all are good yet bad.... To someone or to ourselves...

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Bizarre Kid Friday, November 09, 2007  

But that's how the world goes..

And more ever it all depends on an individuals perspective, the glasses you see the world through!

Sameera Friday, November 09, 2007  

Excellent post!I can so relate to this,guess you know that already :)

Whatever else you might be,you are always good for me.Love ya sweetie!

just a nice girl Saturday, November 10, 2007  

@ Bizarre Kid:
that what it was about...the world is te way you see it, so if you see it beautiful it is beautiful, isnt it? :)

just a nice girl Saturday, November 10, 2007  

Sami, sweetie, yes i know you can relate to this as well as i can ...
We all are good for people we love and thats the only thing that matters :)
Love you!

curryegg Saturday, November 10, 2007  

Glad that you've such a positive thinking in viewing a person. It's true that everyone has their own personalities and we shall not judge them on their covers.

We will never know a person until we really understand them. Require time..

Have a nice weekend!

anonme Saturday, November 10, 2007  

First of all, let me tell you this, you wrote your thoughts out really well.
Second of all, i am happy to see someone who thinks like i do. Or wait, who has the same thought as i did.
Finally, we are nobody to judge. And labelling someone as bad or good isn't our job at all.I refrain from doing so too. :)

FireWhisky Sunday, November 11, 2007  

i love wt uv written cz i try n gt my frends 2 c my point by repeating this ovr n ovr agn... it isnt d ppl hu r bad... we shdnt bb quick 2 judge... its d situation tat makes them do wt they do...

u hv a vry pretty template btw... colibri rt? nice space...

just a nice girl Sunday, November 11, 2007  

@ curryegg:
I am glad you understood the message of this post :)
Hope you have had a nice weekend!!

@ anonme:
I am glad to have found another person who is thinking the same way :)
Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment!

@ firewhisky:
you are right, we should not be too quick to judge because we never know what the circumstances have been...

And yes, it is a colibri template, i want to switch to another one but dont have time for looking for really a good one. But this one is really lovely!

Thanks for stopping by here :)

Anonymous,  Monday, November 12, 2007  


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