Thursday, December 13, 2007

Was the "Somebody" You?

How often we complain about life being unfair to us.
But are we fair to it?
Do we take it as it comes or do we wait for something more?
Expecting things happen to us instead of making them happen.
Expecting people to be nice instead of being nice to them.
Expecting the world to smile at us instead of smiling at it.
Expecting to receive instead of give.

The most beautiful moments in life come unexpected, you dont plan them, you dont expect them, you just live them....

And each new day is there to help you. You have been given this day to use as you want to. You can waste it or you have a chance to use it for good. What you do today is important because in the end it is a day of your own life. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever. And in its place there will be something that you have left behind... Good or bad. Let it be something good. Though the choice is all yours.

And if somebody is happy and content.
And if somebody knows what is good,
and if somebody loves his life,
Let this somebody be YOU.

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--xh-- Thursday, December 13, 2007  

whenver i do a thing, the only question i aSk me is - whetehr i will be happy doing that, or will i repoent doing it years down the lane. I strongly belive that it is upto each person to make them happy, and a happy person is the most content person. and yeah - i am happy :-)
good blog, and thought provoking words. if you belive in yourself, and decide to make world a better place to live for you, you will have happy days.
yeah lena - i am one of that somebody :-)

Anonymous,  Thursday, December 13, 2007  

That was a really thoughtul post...instead of expecting life to be good to you, be good to life...

Lovely words :)

divya Thursday, December 13, 2007  

such an inspiring post it was...

as of now im not that somebody :P
will try to be though :P

Anonymous,  Thursday, December 13, 2007  

I agree with your thoughts completely. It was such wonderful reading this inspiring in these tough times....lovely words & your thoughts!

Ameya Thursday, December 13, 2007  

Ur thoughts are so wonderful,better each day! I wonder how u can think so much.lovely lovely post!! :)

Sameera Thursday, December 13, 2007  

Oh sweetie!This post is so very YOU,very true and inspiring!Keep it up dear.

You made me smile broadly after a tiring day.Love you loads.Hugsss

Lena Thursday, December 13, 2007  

@ xh: great to hear you are one of them! because all the happiness in our minds only :) In minds and hearts :)

Lena Thursday, December 13, 2007  

thank you, preetha!!
hope life is good to you :)

Lena Thursday, December 13, 2007  

divvi!!! dumbo! you make me smile every day, isnt it enough for being SOMEBODY!!! :P
you definitely are, sweets, i know this for sure :)

Lena Thursday, December 13, 2007  

thank you, kalyan, and feels good to know that your words can inspire people :)

Thanks for coming by :)

Lena Thursday, December 13, 2007  

ameya, dear, i dont think at all :P
everyone who knows me wil tell you this, they just come out naturally :D

Lena Thursday, December 13, 2007  

I made you smile? See how good i am :D I am very very very good!! :P
lol kidding, of course! n a serious note, i am glad you smiled at my post, it was meant to bring positive emotions :)

Love you, sweetie :)

rOhit Friday, December 14, 2007  

A very very thoughtful post, Your content is always wonderful.:)

Simply Loved it :)

Sourish Karmakar Friday, December 14, 2007  

Yeap I agree..dis post was most suitable wid da blog title...but m not here to comment :|

I also want a new template..Divya said me dat.. u are good at it..I also want one :|

KAYLEE Friday, December 14, 2007  

OKAY I NEEDED TO READ SOMETHING LIEK THAT TODAY:) YOU Truely made my day on a not soo good day for me thank you so much my friend.I love you HUGS!!!!!!:(

whAt A LiFe Friday, December 14, 2007  

Lovely post dear. You have said it well.

Keep rocking.....

Lena Friday, December 14, 2007  

thanks, rohit, a lot :)
i am only trying to make my posts up to the level of my readers - dont want to disappoint anyone ;)

Lena Friday, December 14, 2007  

@ sourish: thanks a lot :)
lol this girl definitely talks a lot :D
for new templates you can try and

Both sites offer lots of wonderful templates :) :)
Any other help needed, just ask :)

Lena Friday, December 14, 2007  

Kaylee, dear, i am glad my post made your day :)
I hoped it might bring some positive emotions for people :)
take care, girl :)

Lena Friday, December 14, 2007  

thank you, Shantini :)
will do my best in rocking!! :D

Bubbles of FireWhisky Friday, December 14, 2007  

makes me think... beautifully written...

anks Friday, December 14, 2007  

hey... nice words.... and I agree what u say abt beautiful moments... :)

Nick Phillips Friday, December 14, 2007  

I've complained about life being unfair to me so many times I've forgotten already. I guess we're all humans and when something bad happens we always need someone or something to blame it on, who better than life?

Great post btw. Happy weekend to you.

hope Friday, December 14, 2007  

Such a positive thought.. loved it.. *smiles*

Lena Friday, December 14, 2007  

@ anks: thank you and thanks for coming by :) :)

Lena Friday, December 14, 2007  

Nick, we do complain, but there is a difference to complain and change something or just to complain :D
thanks, you too have a great weekend :)

Lena Friday, December 14, 2007  

@ hope: thank you very much :)
*smiles back at you*

zahid Friday, December 14, 2007  

hey....din divya teach you not to use these word verifications !!!!anyways.will go through them...... and yes....thats a fair post you have here !!!!!

Will chk others soon !!!!

Lena Friday, December 14, 2007  

thank you zahid!
thought about removing this word verification but then divya told me i can keep it :D

Anonymous,  Friday, December 14, 2007  

great thots :)

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