Monday, December 24, 2007

An Open Letter

My dearest friends!
I want to thank you all for being here with me all this while and giving me encouraging comments and appreciating my thoughts and writing. I respect each and everyone of my readers, their thoughts, their opinions, their personalities. Now I thought about writing this post though know it is not exactly my wisest decision because even the most close people to me asked to ignore and just live my life happy despite everything. Maybe I will but first I needed to write this post.
Some of you might have wondered what was the last post pointing out, where the shoutbox has disappeared and why the comments are moderated now. Some of you might have got some clue as we are visiting the same blogs and comment on them together. For the rest of you this post will not say much and I am happy if it is so.

The reason for all these changes in my blog is a disagreement I once had with one of the bloggers. I will not give link to the blog of this person here because those who know her they do, and the rest will find out if they decide it is necessary for them. The reason for disagreement was deleting her blog from my blogroll out of some personal reasons. I do not know this girl, I have never talked to her, the only communication was in blogs leaving comments on each other's blogs. My comments never sounded offensive and insulting though. Neither were her till the certain moment.

I dont understand how the fact of being deleted from a blogroll might be so hurting for some people that they keep on leaving hatred anonymous comments regarding who i am and what i write about. I am not here to judge anyone - thats her life unless it has become in touch with mine which made me make some arrangements regarding security of this blog, because my blog is not a place of the war, the war which i do not see any reasons for.

I would not say how good or bad this person is. I do not know her other than from her blog or comments she is leaving on people's blogs and on my own. I only want some peace at least in my place. She might leave comments to my comments on other people's blogs like she is doing - thats her right, and I do not care, just i believe that comment section is a place where we share our thoughts and beliefs, and not a place for fight, thats why you will never find me replying back to her sarcastic comments on other people's blogs. I believe if you have to say something to someone - find the courage and say it personally instead of sneaking around and doing it behind someone's back.

Why I am writing all this? Well... because I have had enough and because like i once said - When someone bites me I bite back. I dont want anyone to be influenced in whatever way it might happen. I am not asking you to judge or to take any decisions, I only want you to know that i will not let anyone treat me this way just like this.

If some of you think like her that my posts are disgraceful and cocky, i dont make you read them....
If some of you think like her that i am saying something disgusting about India and its culture, just let me know when and where, because I know 100% that i never did.

If some of you feel disturbed that i comment on blogs what are written by indians, giving my views and opinions about things that matter to all of us, then i am sorry, just tell me and i will stop visiting and reading your blog.

Blogs are not an area for fights and wars, and if this girl is so much disturbed by her own fight and doesnt manage to bring her own life on track, I will not let her make my own a battle field. Because unlike her I do not pursue happiness. My happiness is always with me.

Now if someone feels they dont want to have anything to do with me after this post, it is a free world, people. We are free to come and to go....

For my dearest and loving friends.... I will not remove the post, do not ask. I am not the one who deletes them once written, not because I think that deleting is bad but because I have my own principles too.

Topic closed. At least in my blog.

P.S. Comments for this post disabled.... not because i am afraid but because this one wasnt meant for commenting...
P.P.S I was supposed to write one post tomorrow but am not in the mood to write on the topics regarding love as Tuesday Love Ramblings are supposed to be such one :) Next proper post will come on Wednesday.

P.P.S. Name removed after long long long attempts of my sweet friend Sameera to come to my mind. She succeeded only partly, it resulted in the changes done to the post.

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