Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I havent written anything for a while. I had some pretty busy weeks. Since i am working in the company for over a year now, they think i am ready to take over new duties... for the same money, of course... it is what the business is like in Russia. They get a young girl without any experience, pay her little money and then day by day she gets new duties and responsibilities but she never gets a salary raise even though her experience with work is bigger, more professional. I do like my job but sometimes i just hate when i have to do new things without being paid for it...
Ok, enough complaints, i promised not to be sad anymore and am going to keep my promise :)
Life is good. I am just back from my business trip to Moscow. I presented there my company on a very big exhibition devoted to 15 years of CIS. I had good time there, got a chance to visit my friends and had some peaceful timeevery evening without too many people i have at home. I do love my family but sometimes i just want to live alone :)
Ok, what else should i tell you. I had a nice weekend, went to a party on Sunday, met some old friends and new people, had a lot of fun there :))
Life is good so far and i am feeling really happy now.
Have a good day, everyone and take care :)

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abhay,  Wednesday, November 01, 2006  

I am glad you are keeping your promise...you sure know that i hate to see you sad. :(

It's great that you had a wonderful time out there in Moscow and on the sunday party...i am very happy for you. :))

Have a good day, Lena!

just a nice girl Wednesday, November 01, 2006  

thank you for all the nice comments. i know it is your pleasure :) but still.. it is also my pleasure reading them.
I am happy that you are happy for me :)

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