Wednesday, October 11, 2006

some news

i am finally content with myself: i had only good days lately ... and good nights too.. no nightmares so far, though it is still pretty hard for me to get up early :P i can finally smile again, sometimes without any reasons and people around me think that i am crazy... which i sure am... (sometimes) but not these days.
the only bad news.. russian still cant play football .. even with Guus Hidding as a main coach.. they are just not born to win and to score :( i am not sure if they manage to qualify to EURO 2008... anyways i guess nobody expects them to be there but people still hope .. and i hope too
i havent seen alexandra for 3 days, only talked to her on phone (she sounds so funny :)) and today i finally got to see her and even had time to play with her. That was so good :)
i've got new duties and responsibilities at work, which is good on the one hand- work is not so boring anymore, but on the other hand - they are not going to pay me more for this ... of course it is not all about money but still.. money is important :P
ok, enough for now.. i just dont know what else to write about :))

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