Monday, October 09, 2006

is the world over? no it is not!

i thought my world was over but now i realize that thinking so was silly. My world just shook and then came back to its normal state. well... may be not a normal one but sure it still does exist in an absolutely new form. And i sure like it :)
i am like a newborn but a newborn with some knowledge and experience which makes it easier to get adjusted to this world and to avoid mistakes that have been done in a previous life...though this previous life was there just a few weeks ago..
it seems it is always like that...we change a lot of worlds while we are living... every time we think this world is going to crash and never be rebuilt... but we always get through and success in building new worlds :)
important is that we dont try to rebuild an old world and start on building a new one.
well... re-reading all this i realized that i have chosen the wrong job.... may be i should have become a builder or someone like that ;))
ok... all i know now that my world is not over and i love it :)

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