Sunday, October 22, 2006


Autumn is here and almost gone. yesterday night it was snowing but it it still too warm to let the snow stay until the morning .. it is about +3C every morning and gets a bit warmer throughout the day till +7-8C. It is a real october here, quite beautiful out there and i really pity that we dont have much time to enjoy it because i know that this period wont last for long.. winter is close .. and just to make this beautiful time period stay for a little bit i want to post some beautiful autumn pics here :)

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abhay,  Thursday, October 26, 2006  

Are these pics of you city? Just wondering. :O They are awesome...very beautiful just like you. ;)

Have a good day, Lena! :)

just a nice girl Saturday, October 28, 2006  

no, they are not of my city though some of them are really like my favourite places in my own city :)

abhay,  Saturday, October 28, 2006  

Nice to know. :)

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