Sunday, December 03, 2006

some random thoughts

Had a good and relaxing weekend... watched movies (good ones ), watched sport (finally, missed this a lot), updated webpage (hmmm.. it was needed for sure), slept, slept again (hahah.. thats not bad :P), talked online, more talks online (some of them were actually fun ;)), more sleep... havent eaten anything (thats bad :(( ),... played with alexandra, did i go out?.. dont remember... cant believe i wasnt outdoors... or was i.. at least not today ;) - not really good, but who cares; read (only a bit, but still)... Nobody called... thats bad... No sms.. even worse..:(( seems people are forgetting i exist... do i have to remind them? do i? dont know... may be give them the second chance?.. ops forgot... no second chances anymore, am trying not to be too nice :P...installed a new antivirus programm.. still have no idea which one is better.. so pity the registration key to my old now isnt valid anymore :((... here we go - back to Norton, not that i have anyting against Norton... but i think my Windows has...Or at least my Norton thinks that my Windowns is a virus...2 ways out - to get rid of Windows or to get rid of Norton... too bad i cant get rid of Windows... such a pity ;(... i guess i have to get rid of Norton, too bad i only updated it today... may be a second chance??? dont know... yeah.. remember about "no-second-chances-policy" but Norton isnt a person it is a program, cant hurt me, can hurt only Windows and the Windows can be always reinstalled...GOSH.. how come that from the weekend i came to such a topic as Computers??? ... back to weekend.. installed, updated, run.. no viruses (viri?) - thats good...what else? still cant remember if i eat anything? pity :( am not hungry though - strange... happy - will get tomorrow the 6 seasons of Charmed... sad - 2 more seasons are to be bought... more sad - have to pay for this 6 seasons tomorrow. ..Do i have money? have no idea now.. i should, but do i?.. no, i'm afraid not much money left, wont have any after i pay for 'Charmed'.. sad... but i will have 'Charmed'... that will cover the sadness...wanted to write an entry in one sentence.. just couldnt stop.. too much on my mind now :(( life is sooooooooooooo nervous these days, too much overloads, am not sure if i handle it, sometimes just want to scream out - 'leave me all in peace, i need my vacation' nobody hears... may be because i dont scream? :P.... cant remember the last year being so much stressful.. am tired to say everyone i am fine... well.. I AM FINE in a way but not that fine as i want to... but i got used to put up with whatever i have at the moment... and i dont complain because whatever i have it is great.. paradox - how one person may feel so contrary feelings at one and the same time.. seems i am a very paradoxal (my new invention - "paradoxal", patented 03.12.2006, 11:42 pm) one.. :P - All i want to say - i am happy now.. in stress, overloaded with work, tired, with sleep problems (Abhay, remember, you promised to guard - i rely on you ;)), with no money (gosh, so bad..but what do i need it for when i dont have time for shopping), with no time (i remember having said it already ;)) but i am happy... think positive, remember... no worries.. life is a good thing after all.. especially when you are so much in love as i am now :))
time to go to bed, midnight... 6 hours to sleep if i am lucky... hope i am.. i just dont have any choice but to be lucky ;)
Have a good night, world!!

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