Tuesday, December 12, 2006

just an update

havent written anything for a while.. have crazy time at work... on friday everything will end and i will be happy to have a normal weekend without thinking what kind of stress the new day may bring.. they all at work think i am able to manage the amount of work which is too much even for 2 persons... i had quite an emotional outburst yesterday and they realized that if they dont stop acting that way they may lose me :((( hehe.. just being dramatic... anyways they reduced my work and now it is only the work that 2 people should do but there is still only me and nobody else... anyways it is better than before and i am thankful to that..
feel happy today, actually i feel happy always now... main khush hoon - hehehe.. i am learning hindi now, such a cool language without any logic... or at least i havent seen any logic yet :P but i like it ;))
I gave myself a word that i will go to bed at 10 pm tonight and it is 10:18 pm already.... thats bad ;) - so i better start keeping my word and go to bed :)

meethe sapne, world :)) - good night!!!

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