Wednesday, December 20, 2006

counting days

well... today we have the 20th of december, 11 days till the year 2007... dont know if it is good or bad.. dont want to celebrate.. all i need is sleeeeeeeeep.. as much as possible... today i started toc ount days till the holidays... hmm... should i count today? it just started but still ... dont want to count it... so let me do this... thursday, friday.... weekend doesnt count - no work (i hope ;)).. then monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday.... let me think - 7 DAYS... yahooooooooooo... only seven (!) days till holidays... and then 10 days of doing nothing, just am looking forward to it, need my rest.. i dont like myself the way i am now... am really overexhausted and stressed.. the only thing that makes me happy is thinking about how much i love you (read: you love me :P), love ;))... that really still keeps me alive... all i want now is rest, sleep, and being left in peace by most people... not by all though..
it is finally snowing, who could think that we wont have any snow till the 20th of december :O - thats amazing how the winter this year didnt want to start... but the first day it is below zero temperature and i got cold... seems like i have caught a flu or something :(( - have fever right now, took lots of meds and am doing no work again... i guess with this attitude i sure deserve some punishment :)) - and here it goes - NOBODY, i repeat NOBODY is online, everyone is doing their job and cant find time for a poor sick Lena :((( - life is sooooooooooooooo unfair ... well like abhay says there are lots of other things to do except chatting while you are doing nothing at work.. pity he forgot to tell me what these things are :P... ok, then i will have to find it out by myself...may be i even will succeed.. after all i am supposed never again to fail ;))

hmm... again i am writing a long entry, i really should stop it, after all nobody is reading all this crap... well not really nobody.. abhay does read it ;)... sometimes.... and even leaves comments... love, you should visit my blog a bit more often... make it a job for you .. like every friday night from 2 am till 2.30 am you are reading my blog :P - try to put it up into your schedule, ok? ;))

what else to say??? actually my mind isnt working properly :(( may be because of fever or because of too much chocolate i ate today... hmmm... can it be too much chocolate???? nooooooo... just impossible... though since it is on the forbidden list and i ate a lot today no wonder i am feeling unwell... anyways only my fault.. i should have said "NO" to chocolate :((( but i didnt , soooooooooooooo bad of me...

dont you have a feeling you are talking to yourself, Lena? i do.... i guess it is the sign that i should stop this here.. or i am going to be even more crazy that i already am :((... sorry wrong smiley :))) ... pity they are not colourful... strange that doesnt have these colourful smileys ;))

once again ... only 7 working days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))

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