Sunday, December 24, 2006

just about weekend ;))

saturday there was supposed to be a party, but my friend who had a bday got sick and the party was cancelled :(((((...hehehe..i am not sad at all..just now how many parties are there supposed to be on the holidays, since the whole country isnt working for 10 (!) days...;))
finally managed to call up all the uni friends for the party....we'll see how many of them will actually come ;)) - it is sooooooooooo difficult to make all of us come, everyone pretends to be very very busy... hehe...but as we all know hard work havent killed anybody lets hope most of them will be able to fill the party into their schedules ;)) havent seen some of people for ages.....let me think.... since spring i guess....GOD bless the person who invented cell phones to help us keep in touch :P.... but i guess if we hadnt had them we would meet more often ;)))

so what was i about? was cancelled so i spent saturday evening at home staying online and watching movies too...

habent decided yet if i should kill Christian on the one hand he sent this file to me and now i have to pay hell of money for internet bill (good he did it on the weekend, if it were at work they would sure fire me for only these 346 mb .... and they would be right thousand times ;)) ... hehehe...just like he used to say Ak-47 would sure solve this little problem ;)))....but on the other hand...i liked the show he sent...though it had some disgusting scenes (for those interested i am talking about this show now he just has to send me another episodes of it ...hehehe..i guess he just wont be able to get rid of me ;))) after all we are going to make business together :P - ok, enough with joking...i guess i cant kill such a great friend, no matter how much i want to .... besides i still need the other episodes, selfish, am i not? :P.....yeah...i am ;)))

well... i watched Dexter yesterday, wanted to update blog too, but somehow was not up to it
and read a bit too... The Outsider...havent got yet what kind of book it is, besides since i also started Richard Bach's "The bridge across forever"..dont know which one should be done first.. anyways, not a problem at all...

woke up pretty eary because of these stupid kittens.... why do they always want to eat soooooooo early in the morning???? i know why - because they dont want me to sleep :P haha.. anyways since i was up to shopping i had no choice but stand up ;))

shopping.... for gifts... for family..always a problem, never know what to buy them ;)) - it took me many many hours to figure it out :P but i succeeded ;)))

hm... watched some Charmed as well - just loooooooooooooove them so much ;)))

what else... almost nobody is online since it is Christmas for almost the whole world, and with those ones who are online i dont want to talk now...i guess will watch more of Charmed now ;)))

may be will be back later here.... :)))

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Abhay Thursday, January 04, 2007  

Thanks for constantly talking about me, but why not on Saturday too? :P

Have a wonderful day, my love!! :)

PS: So sorry i am commenting late :(, though i have read this a week ago. And you & your may be's. :P

just a nice girl Friday, January 05, 2007  

hmm...dont know why i missed your name on Saturday :O

PS: but you ARE commenting ;)
PPS: Have an amazing day, love!!! :)

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