Thursday, January 31, 2008

With a Power Vested within Me...

I guess it will be a long one and maybe a bit chaotic post as i am going to put many many many things into it. And i want to start with passing on some awards which i have received lately and was too lazy to present :D

I have received:

from Hope:

and from Sami:

So hereby with the power vested within me i hand it over to the following people.... (this line i have stolen from somewhere :D )

Creative Blogger Award: Akki, Preeti, Meghna, Arti Honrao

Best Friends Award: Div and Akki (love you girls :))

Now I also have been surprised by Nick

who declared me a Blogging Mentor. The whole meaning of this award you can read here from its creator. There you also can find the original images of the award as the one shown above is i guess Nick's creation. Still the main idea is giving appreciation to those bloggers who have made impact on you and guided you on the way to the better blogger. So now i am passing it on to Sami who has made me come back to blogging :) Keep rocking, sweetheart!!

I have got some more awards but will keep them for the next time ;)

Now to other points of the post. First, lets believe this template i have got is final. It has all i ever needed and i will try not to confuse my readers with changing a layout every now and then ;)

Secondly, I have launched a new blog. And of course you all are welcome

And here finally the tag, actually i only intended to do the tag but then so many things came inbetween ;)

I have been tagged a lot lately. And today will do link tags. I was tagged by Ranjhani and Andrea for 2 different link tags.

Ranjhani asked me to list links of 5 favourite posts and Andrea asked to put a list of 5 links which are related to certain categories.

Here are the rules:

Go back through your archives and post the links to your five favorite blog posts that you’ve written. But there is a catch:

Link 1 must be about family
Link 2 must be about friends
Link 3 must be about yourself
Link 4 must be about something you love
Link 5 can be anything you choose

Post your five links and then tag five other people. At least TWO of the people you tag must be newer acquaintances so that you get to know each other better.
Readers - don’t forget to read the archive posts and leave comments!

So I combined 2 tags and here i go:

  • About Family: as you have noticed though it is a personal blog i dont add much of personal stuff here, but i went through archives over and over again and i couldnt find anything.... I do love them but dont write about them. Maybe one day i will :)

  • About Friends:


    And here I promise
    That no matter what happens
    I’ll be there for you,
    Any time
    Any place
    And always ...
    Read more

  • About Myself

    If they don't have chocolate in heaven, I ain't going
    I cry when i watch sad movies.... and I cry when i watch happy ones.. I guess I am just too senti. Now please dont make me feel embarassed and please never mention this fact. ;) Read More...

  • About something I love

    Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower
    Being silly when I want it.
    Saying things because I mean it.
    Crying when I feel it.
    Laughing when I feel funny.
    Loving people important to me.
    Saying the truth even though it might hurt.
    Going for things that might be bad in the end.
    Read More

  • Just about anything - here i will choose 2 as i missed the first point about family ;)

    There is no Way to Happiness, Happiness is the Way - i guess my favourite :)

    Life would be different if...

    we had no sunrises to watch
    there were no rains for walking out
    there were no first snowfall each year
    there were no flowers to blossom ....
    Read More

    Because it was he; because it was me
    "And if I am pressed to say why I loved him, I feel it can only be explained by replying: "Because it was he; because it was me." ... Read More

Ufffff ... that was a tough task, but now i am done!!

And here is my turn to tag people which i am doing with great pleasure - Anoop, Div, Sami, Jackie and Shalini. You can pick up one of 2 tags or combine them. If you already have done it, please leave a link in comments, i am curious to read :)

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divya Thursday, January 31, 2008  

lolz of course u wud b more than happy to tag others :D coz u wont b taking any pains :P

nice i have 2 pending tags from u janu :O and one from jaggu :O ush ush i hav so much to write :O :(

divya Thursday, January 31, 2008  

By the way i forgot to thank u for the award :P best frends :) thanx a ton lena...same to u :P

Andrea Friday, February 01, 2008  

thanks for doing the tag!
and for reading up on my old links.
i've read some of yours now too.

Arti Honrao Friday, February 01, 2008  

Thanks for the creative blogger award :)

Interesting tag!


*~*Sameera*~* Friday, February 01, 2008  

Congrats on the awards and thanks so very much Sweetheart!

As for the tag,all the posts you mentioned are surely my favs too :)

Will do the tag soon.Keep rocking Babes!Love ya loads.Hugsss

--xh-- Friday, February 01, 2008  

thnx for teh tag da. will do it soon. an intresting read :) and congratz to all teh award winners :)

Shinade Friday, February 01, 2008  

Oh I found it Lena...thank goodness. Silly me it was right in front of me.

today is my husband's actual birthday and we have many,many plans over the week-end. Please I hope it will be okay for me to do this on Monday.

I shall not forget to drop back by and pick it up.

Thanks so very, very much for thinking of me!!

I know just the posts that I love the most already to add to the tag!!

Shinade Friday, February 01, 2008  

OooPpppsss I forgot to congratulate you. Congratulations on your awards.

Just in the short time we have been communicating I kow for a fact that you certainly deserve every award you are gifted with.

I hope you have a most lovely day,

Anonymous,  Friday, February 01, 2008  

Hello Lena,
Nice to meet you and many thanks for visiting my humble blog :)

Congratulations on your awards, nice layout too :)
Care to exchange links?

Have a wonderful weekend,
Colin author of Life

anonme Friday, February 01, 2008  

thats so sweet of you lena! thanks a lot for the awards.. and i have read all those posts.. its a very inetersting tag..
love ya!

PS:best friends? i am so honoured!

Lena Friday, February 01, 2008  

of course, div, i would be happy. Should i be crying when tagging people? :O
and finally you have things to write!!

as for award... are you a puppy or a kitten? :P

Lena Friday, February 01, 2008  

andrea, thanks for visiting and commenting on old posts :)
so sweet of you!!

have a great weekend :)

Lena Friday, February 01, 2008  

you deserve this award, arti!! :)
thanks for coming by :)
have a great weekend!

Lena Friday, February 01, 2008  

sami, i guess all my posts are your favourites :P
am curious to look at your choice ;)
Love you too, dear!

Lena Friday, February 01, 2008  

thanks, Anoop!
Am sure you will make the best out of this tag!! :)

Lena Friday, February 01, 2008  

Jackie, its ok, do the tag when you get time!!
Time with your husband sure is a precious one!! I am sure you both will have great time together celebrating his birthday!! :)

and thanks for wishes, i guess the appreciation i get in the form of awards gives me inspiration to write more :)

Lena Friday, February 01, 2008  

hi, Colin, and thanks for coming by!! :)
am glad you liked the layout, this is one that finally could make me happy with my blog :D
Have already added your blog on my list :)

Have a wonderful weekend too!!

Lena Friday, February 01, 2008  

akki, thats me who is honoured to get to know you :)

zahid Saturday, February 02, 2008  

Nope...Im not gonna leave you..You should go to heaven....If you want i will send them na....... Bye..Im off to read older best posts !!!

Lena Saturday, February 02, 2008  

lolzz so sweet of you, zahid, but like we found out, there are chocs in heaven, right? ;)

Meghna Sunday, February 03, 2008  

Hi Lena,
I'm honored to receive this award from such a great writer like you. I'm glad you lied my talent and found it worthy enough to be appreciated! Thanks a lot...

Congratulations to you too for the award! Keep smiling :D

Lena Monday, February 04, 2008  

Meghna, dear, you write so talented and think far beyond your age, so it was obvious you deserve this award :)
take care, dear! :)

Shalini Gowrisankar Monday, February 04, 2008  

That was a nice tag and thanks for tagging me as well :) Will take it up soon dear. How are you?

Been a little busy with college work and stuff , I should hopefully be regular to blog hopping from now on.Have a great week ahead!

Shinade Monday, February 04, 2008  

Hi Lena,

I am smiling and I hope this puts a smile on your face.

Now I am off to do some tags. Yours first then one from Colin.

Hugs my lovely new friend:):)

Lena Tuesday, February 05, 2008  

shalini, dear, i am doing fine, hope you too :)
Am looking forward to you doing the tag ;)
Take care!! :)

Lena Tuesday, February 05, 2008  

Hi, Jackie!!
That was soooooooo sweet of you, really made my day :)

Have a wonderful day yourself!! :)

Vandita Tuesday, February 05, 2008  

great post and congo on the awards...
of all the archived posts, i loved the ones on just abt anything the most :)

preetilata Tuesday, February 05, 2008  

what a magic u hv in u gal...!!
u hv done d tags very nicely n it alwys feels good to know a miracle like u.

n thnx 4 d awrds. m hounoured darls. u alwys encourage me to do much much bttr. thnx 4 ur love, support, frenship, encourgmnt n knw nt wat.

lv u 2 no end.
tk cr
:) :) :)

Shinade Wednesday, February 06, 2008  

Wow Lena this is really a tough meme. I have all the pertinent links and questions already in draft.

Keep your fingers crossed that I can get this one done tonight.

I now have five other tags waiting in line behind yours...LOL!!

Whewwwww....I may be doing tags all month!!

Lena Wednesday, February 06, 2008  

Vands, dear!! thanks so much for going through all of them!! you are so sweet :)

Lena Wednesday, February 06, 2008  

Preeti, dear, you are such a sweetheart, i have no words to add except that i could say the very same about you!! :)

love and hugs, sweetie!! :)

Lena Wednesday, February 06, 2008  

hey, Jackie, now me worried, i made you take so much time on this one :(
Will read it today for sure.
Even i am overloaded with tags and dont know what to post - them or stories and poems that are coming like never before :)

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