Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I had a very lazy day at work yesterday :) My boss is away for a week, so not really much work to do :))) - i guess i need some rest after having such crazy weeks recently.
After work i went to the cinema. It was different this time compared to the last visit when all we did with my friend during the movie was just making fun of each other.
We have a Festival of New Britain Movies here ... so me and one of my co-workers went to see a movie yesterday. It was a good one. It wasnt one i would have chosen on my own though. I mean it is not a movie you are eager to watch right after you have heard about it or read about it. Not a blockbaster... just a very sad, sometimes very funny movie... set back into 1969-1971... a very kind story of people who happened to live far away from their native country, who had to go through family dramas, divorces, losing their loved ones... a story about a boy who had to choose between the mother who left him and his stepmother... a story about a man who never stopped loving his wife who betrayed him with his best friend... even when he happened to remarry and who has got a wonderful wife after all...a story of a real life with real people, no supermen there, no magic other but magic of people's feelings...i havent written a review of a movie for a while, mainly because i havent watched any decent filmes for ages... so i guess i am a bit out of practice and this review is a bit chaotic.... but nevermind :))
what i loved most of all about this movie is that it is honest, something we often miss so much not only in the films but also in the real life.. and it is a very warm story, really touching, the one that can make you cry.. i really loved the movie as you can see from this chaos of my thoughts, usually i am a bit silly but always think very logical and clearly....
ok... *starting thinking clearly* - here is the official webpage of the movie :))

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abhay,  Wednesday, November 08, 2006  

Please accept my heartiest compliments for writing a fantastic & touching review. :))
I would like to see you write more of such reviews.

Have a wonderful day, Lena!

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