Sunday, November 26, 2006


here is me again...weekend is here.. actually it is better to say weekend was there :P because my weekend is almost gone already....sooooooooooooo happy that i am finally home... not that the weekend was bad.........not at all :P it was a great one, really enjoyed this one soooooooooo much :)))
First, i didnt make any plans for it... because everytime i do make plans..everything goes wrong :P And so, this time i decided - why plan, will do everything spontaneously... i have this great ability of doing all the wonderful things spontaneously and then en voilà une surprise! and everything goes successfully.. it is wonder how most of successful things in my life have been done not on plan but really was only my spontaneity (is there such a word in english :O - abhay, where are you? please help me out... did i invent a new word? or did someone invent it before me? :P) ... so what was i talking about... again lost the point ... oh, yeahh... here it is - "spontaneity", that was a key word :P Only because of it i ended up studying at my University, only because of it i came to germany - it took me about 15 mins to make such a decision and about 1 day to prepare all the necessary papers, in a month... voila - i've got this invitation letter, even didnt have time to think about it... and only because of this spontaneity thing i never stopped to amaze my university friends because i was the only one who almost never prepared any essays or compositions or retellings, papers etc I just somehow managed all these things ... you know... just spontaneous :P
anyways i started talking about my weekend... i didnt have any plans and didnt want to do anything as well, but...........there is always a but, isnt it but i woke up with a feeling that i need a party... and that i need it right now........... of course there are no parties in the morning. What a pity, really! Someone should have organized a party in the morning, it would be fun... everyone so sleepy, hungry and looking quite terrible ..., no offence, people :P - it is at least how i am in the early morning :P - no, really there are really few people on this planet who look great when they wake up, i am not the one of them.... not that i complain... no i do not complain, because other who knows how many billions of people are just like me - look terrible, are sleepy and hungry :P
dont you think that this entry is becoming too long... well since i do have adsl connection i dont really care how much time i can have when using internet and am using this my ability of talking to people online while writing this entry, so no wonder i lose a point every now and then.. i do it even when i better concentrate, but now i am not concentrated on this entry at all.. :P so whoever will read it pleassssssssse, dont complain, i know i could do a better job, and i will ... next time... promise ;))
so when i woke up on saturday i wanted a party, but since there were no crazy people like me who wanted party at that time of the day.. am i a crazy one? probably... but who cares, i hope nobody minds ;)) ok, where am i right now.... WHAT? Still SATURDAY MORNING? i am really slow today, sorry :P well... not really sorry... actually i have lots of fun writing this entry ;)) - it is a good one.
Well ..back to the weekend... do you still remember i am talking about MY WEEKEND? What?! NO?! OMG... my fault i guess :P ok, dears here we go ... weekend, my weekend started with shopping, i just literally made one of my friends go with me... you know i can be a very dangerous girl sometimes ... :D "really?" will you ask.........."of course, not" will i reply, who are you taking me for... i am the nicest one on this planet :P just i have this power of being able to persuade people to do what is the best for them (and for me) right now.. and the best for my friend was really going out - so we went shopping, then were stuck in McDonalds for couple of hours... i know, i know... junk food etc.. but really who cares... :P
All that time i still remembered that i want a party, that i need a party... and O, Lord - I was saved...;) i remembered that i WAS invited to a party this day (better to say this night), i really didnt intend to go there before but now i wanted it, so it was only logical, that i called my friends and told them that i will come to their party. The party was in a night club and it was for the whole night. So after McDonalds i went hope to relax a bit and to talk to some people online whom i promised to talk to on the weekend :)) I was really surprised that in addition to them i was able to talk to you, Abhay, too - it was really a nice surprise (btw.. hope your weekend was at least as good as my was, love ;)) After that i went to a party - that was great, really a cool party with everything in it - good drinks, good food, good people, good music... As for dancing... regarding the possible questions... NO, i did NOT do dirty dancing, but it actually came to dancing on the tables, was really fun.. I came home at 7 am, then slept for 4 hours and woke up at 11, checked mails, nothing really interesting, well.. then i decided to do something spontaneous again... you see i was in my spontaneous mood :P and i just went to a movie, practically dragged in my friends with me. They werent very happy about it, but couldnt resist me, because if they had i would just have killed them ;) - you see, the cruel and dangerous Lena comes here again :P But after all they thanked me because the movie was just GREAT - havent watched such one in a while (review in the next entry :))
Now i am home chatting with people and it seems nice to be home after all this going out... finally something not that spontaneous (still have no idea if there is such a word in english :P)

ok, enough about it, bye for now, but not for long, am going to review the movie right now :)))

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