Friday, November 17, 2006

me today

i guess i caught cold... the weather here is quite winterly - is there such a word in english??? (i guess even if i sometimes do invent new english words, my english did improve for this year :))
ok, back to me... yesterday after lesson i got at home at about 9:15 pm and felt just miserable - all i wanted was to get to bed but somehow i was roaming senselessly around the flat without doing anything positive... i even cant remember what i did.. i read some emails.. but was too exhausted to write any replies.. i checked out the new modem my mom bought yesterday, hope i will be able to change up to adsl connection in the beginning of the next week... i am absolutely sick of this dial-up at home, yesterday the connection failed 3 times for 15 mins, it is pretty annoying...
after i did nothing.. i went to bed at around midnignt and fell asleep almost immediately, had a good sleep, though cant remember any dreams.. at least i didnt have bad ones :))
in the morning i woke up with a feeling i am sick... and yes.. i am really sick... i'm lucky that i dont have fever..
had to cancel a lesson today.. my mom told me that if i dont do this she will kill me personally... i decided "why take any chances" - dont want to die now :P
life is good so far, i am happy in love and enjoy life..
wanted to visit friends on the weekend.. but since i am sick and thay have a little child i guess it is wont do any good to go there. seems i will be again stuck at home on the weekend... i hate it, as soon as the weekend arrives i fell ill, it is like my body doesnt want me to enjoy the weekend much... at least i have books to read and movies to watch..finally gor "Shakespeare in love" on dvd .. you may be able to find in Russia on dvd the newest movies, the ones that werent even shown in the cinemas yet, but it is almost impossible to get the old ones.. i got the dvd with 10 movies with Gwyneth Paltrow - "Shakespeare in love" is sure the best but there is also"Sliding doors" which i like so much and some others too.. so i guess i will make the weekend of Gwyneth Paltrow :)))
Am sitting in the office and doing nothing.. just too lazy :P and besides my boss isnt there.. i guess things with me getting the new position are almost settled though i still have doubts, wont believe this until everything is official :))
Today there is a day of my favourite song.. "Girl" by F.R. David - it is being played endless on my computer today, just cant get enough of it :))
i guess thats enough for now, want to write something else but it will be another entry :)))

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abhay,  Wednesday, November 22, 2006  

haha...Your entries are very funny; atleast i found them so. ;)
Hope you get well soon. :)

Have a wonderful day!

just a nice girl Wednesday, November 22, 2006  

i dont know if all my entries are funny, but sure some of them are good..
i am on my way to getting well :))

you too have a wonderful day!!!

abhay,  Saturday, November 25, 2006  

I always find all your entries to be very funny...somehow they make me smile. :))
I am glad you are well now. :)

Have an awesome day, Lena!

just a nice girl Friday, December 08, 2006  

i am glad i can make you smile... thats really really good :)))

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