Thursday, November 16, 2006

good feelings

- found on the net, corrected by me :)

-Walking in the rain
-Bubble baths
-Favorite songs
-Best friends
-Smiles that happen for no reason (i really do a lot recently :))
-Smiles that happen for every reason
-Butterfly kisses
-Hot tea when it's snowing
-Pillow forts
-Never being too old
-Favorite restraunts
-Favorite movies
-Laughing until your sides ache
-Weekends that you can't ever forget
-Instant Messages from that Special Someone-Saying "I love you."
-Meaning it
-Hearing "I love you."
-Knowing they mean it
-Movie dates
-Girls night out
-Making snow angels
-Sneaking out at 3Am
-Dancing with your best friends to music you would never admit (to anyone but them) you secretly love
-Sitting in a coffee shop reading a favorite book

-Being in love

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