Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Departed

That was a great movie. Havent watched such one for months, may be even for years. Scorsese is the best, the movie is just a masterpiece. Though it is really long, i havent noticed the time, it just flied away..
Ok, now a bit about the impressions..

So you get one of the best directors in the world, a cast of outstanding talent, a brilliant script and you end up with the departed the best film of the year so far. There is so much that is good about this film, it is exceptionally well told, keeping you hooked from the word go, the music is great the cinematography outstanding. You move from scene to scene in a state of anticipation and excitement, not quite knowing what is going to happen next. The acting, well the Oscars need to extend the number of nominees in the categories of best actor and supporting actor because all involved in this picture deserve to be up for a gong.

Leonardo DiCaprio - i dont like him, really, not a fan, but sure he IS a great actor. He really held his own against an acting powerhouse like Jack Nicholson (who was, of course, great as usual - here the real talent goes). If ever there was a character you sympathised with from the very beginning, it was this guy. And DiCaprio's performance really helped build that feeling.

Matt Damon .. i just love him... love him from "Dogma" when he did a great job of a fallen angel together with Ben Affleck - that was fun ;) Solid performances every time. No exceptions for this one :) It was nice to see him play a character like this. He was believable, it worked.

Martin Sheen was, well... Martin Sheen. No comments ;)

Alec Baldwin was hilarious. I guess nobody will doubt it ;)

So the movie was just great with outstanding performances, great story and it is sure the best film of the year :))

And i will repeat it again... Martin Scorsese is the best, if not for him i am not sure the movie would be as great as it really is :)

Sorry for such a stupid review, just i guess i left all my talent writing the previous entry :p
Besides i am still having too many impressions of this film, just cant describe everything the way i would like to :)

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