Friday, October 19, 2007


Today I was looking for something in my blog. I knew exactly where to find that poem i needed to refer to but somehow it took me more time because i stuck at some of my old posts rereading them and wondering if i still think the same way or changed.

We all change throughout life, getting new experiences, making new mistakes, being influenced by new people. And as a result the way we think changes and things that i said few months ago might differ from the ones i would say now.

But there are some things that will stay the same because they determine who we are and what we are worth. Weird thought but it is true in a way... I know i changed in the last year because things have happened that werent supposed to happen, people have gone that were supposed to stay, people have come who were not expected to be there but altogether everything that happened for a reason, it made me stronger, it made me wiser, it made me different.... and it even made me think different, i made me take the reality different, but in the most important matters like friendship, family, life approach it is still the same.

It is really weird... I changed but the way i think about life has not and the way i would react and comment on some points is still the same. And in fact i do not know what it means....
I only know that i like it.
Maybe it sounds weird but then i think that it might be the reflection of my sick (still not feeling well) mind.... :)

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Sameera Saturday, October 20, 2007  

It is not weird thinking sweetie,it is a reflective introspection interspersed with nostalgia.Life is all about taking the good as we go along and leaving the rest...

just a nice girl Monday, October 22, 2007  

you are right, Sami... I should have thought about it the same way!! :)

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