Monday, October 01, 2007

have a greatttttt day everyone!!

I know i didnt keep my promise, but i am so much caught up with work these days that i know i will be forgiven. After all i am writing now :)
Now some update about life. It goes on, and it goes on much more quickly that it is expected. Already october, so much to do, so little time. Trying hard to manage, am successful till now but it is painful in a way that i hardly get time for myself not to mention someone else.
Weekends are often just a lie down, when i cant do anything but sleeping, eating and watching movies. sometimes it feels like wasting time but it is more like filling myself with some energy.
Work is going good but hectic, too many expectations... my boss wants me to do the impossible and i am so much afraid i really will not manage, that would be horrible.
Now something more positive!! No matter what life brings there is a need always to keep smiling which will make your day and the day of people around you brighter!! :) And again i wonder why blogger has no smilies ... grrrrrrrrrrrrrr... not that i am angry but it is really disappointing!!
i know i am talking crap now but who cares - after all thats a free world of blogging and i just want to say what i want. Especially want to make people believe that i am still alive :)
BELIEVE ME!!! I AM!! and i will be back very soon :)

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Sameera Monday, October 08, 2007  

Hey dear.Get well soon.Do come back soon :)

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