Thursday, August 02, 2007

We live.. we love.. we hurt

Dedicated to a very good friend, you know who you are, Mr. Devil :)

I have said something very wise today... not that i think it is something really wise but Neel thinks it is :D and since he wanted me to post it here i will do it so that we all could again think why it happens that we love some people even when they hurt us over and over again..
Life is a weird thing, we have few relationships that are important to us and we fail to maintain them the way we would like - without PAIN, without TEARS, without DISAPPOINTMENTS... but we do continue them because in the end they are all (i repeat ALL) what we have got :) ... People are going to hurt you every now and then, you are going to hurt them every now and then.. In the end everyone is getting hurt or hurts you, you are the one who decide wo is worth this pain ... thats impossible to avoid it.. we are not angels, rather devils in relationships with dear to us people...
From today's chat:
me: i dont like being hurt neither by you nor by someone else, and i hate the moments when someone has to say sorry .... but in any kind of relationships you cant do without it, you do hurt people, you make up for this, you try to be perfect for the ones you like/love, it doesnt work always but if we give up on someone we truly like and love, then what life it would be??
giving up after the first mistake is not a good thing, you know :)

How often we give up only because we think that people who loves us cant hurt us, they can, and in fact they will hurt us more than anyone else..... just because they are close to us, EXACTLY because of it!! But then what?? give up on them? say they are not worth us? Thats definitely the easiest way, but again .. if i would give up on everyone who hurt me i would have stayed alone with no people around... well when i think now, may be with the one only (yes, yes, am lucky to have such one in my life :)) ...
In my life i used to give people second chances, third chances.... twentieth chances... sometimes i was proved wrong, one time i made a big mistake in giving someone absolutely unworthy this second chance but mostly it paid off... Friendship is all about hurting, being hurt, forgiving, forgetting, being hurt again, crying, laughing about this stupid matters, forgetting, hurting... and so on..its a circle, has no end... pure second chances....But from every wound there is a scar, and every scar tells a story. A story that says, Friendship survived. Which means it all was worth it :)
And then you also know that despite everything when the moment comes... they will be there to help you when you are down, and if they can't, they will lay down beside you and listen...

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