Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In my my life I've learned so much
Just to look and not to touch
Smile now to hide the pain
Pretend there's sunshine when there's rain
Mind the time you spend with friends
Because all new beginnings have their ends
In my life I've learned a lot
Not everything is worthy of being fought
The end of a rainbow doesn't mean a pot of gold
Always let someone warm you when you're cold
Always remember life is a gift
When you're walking alone a friend will give you a lift.
In my life I've learned a bit
You'll never get a point if you don't take the hit
That sometimes it's okay to be alone
But to know there's always comfort back at home
Dreams shouldn't die as we grow wise
The truth is always found in another's eyes
In my life I haven't learned as much as I thought
But I'm proud because I 've learned what nobody's taught.

**found in net, author unknown

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lelio Friday, September 21, 2007  

this is what the age of globalization has done to the human species. so sad.

Too much to lose Friday, November 14, 2008  

I have always been wondering about the reasons why we people try to hide our feelings when we know that its of no use...Sometimes I try to camouflage myself in such hideous ways ....I later on pity on myself....coming back to the piece ,it was wonderful....liked it a lot...

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