Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I am back!!!

Cant believe i finally made it to the blog... I mean the real blog entry... when i do write things and not just copy and paste :) **Still angry why Blogger doesnt apply any normal smilies here ... may be i just have to write to some Tech Support Service and COMPLAIN** Anyways, sorry for losing the track of the entry .. now back to it ...
I am on leave and it is sooooooooooooooooooooo boring, have given away all my money even the first week of it ... But thats what a FUN-Shopping ;) - really enjoyed it ... So now what.. visited all the friends, all the relatives, watched all the new movies, discussed all the hot topics, fought with few friends and got them back (happily for me :)) and still have almost 3 weeks of this LITTLE vacation... have really no idea What To Do :P
Ohh... btw.. i changed the name of the blog...Striving for happiness is not on the list anymore, considering that happiness is already inside of us and i more than just have it... :)
The only bad thing that happened that ...ok, will not talk about it as it definitely is getting better now, hope will be even better very very soon, at least am praying for that.
Keep this stupid medical treatment, meds, doctors, doctors, meds, check-ups.... sooooooooo boring :P But i have to otherwise it will be the same as it was few weeks ago when i got into the hospital... Ok, thats a sad topic again... :)
Alexandra was very sick today, actually is still very sick..that makes you feel so helpless when little children are sick, you cant do anything about it... Hope everything will be good by tomorrow...
And good news is that i finally got the last season of Charmed downloaded and even watched it, now done with the cute witches ...but definitely not for long... am thinking about staring to watch it from Season 1 again ;)
Ohh... and didnt i mention that i was soooooooooo busy translating the last Harry Potter book into Russian for my family... only finished yesterday, am soooooo proud of myself .. though the book itself left a bit disappointed.. but nevermind, was up to JKR to do it this way.. who am I to judge?
Am really sorry that this entry has become such a mixture of everything, but i dont see another way of writing an update about what is going on in my life.... as you see really not much, though finally got a chance to sleeeeeeeeeeeep as much as i wish, of course if Alexandra doesnt mind... but usually she does :P ... and thinks i've got to get up the moment she does, which means 8 am... Am definitely NOT ready for such kind of ACTION.... trying to explain the thing to her but i fail every time.. i only get to hear "Night is Over" ... hmmmm...
And Btw... seems i finally got rid of this stupid habit of using hehe and things like that ... though got some other stupid habits ;) but nooooo, they are definitely not THAT stupid ;)

Ok, ok, sorry for making you (whoever is readin this crap of mine :D) bored..... it is OVER...but

WILL BE BACK in few mins ;)

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