Friday, August 03, 2007

Testimonial of experience

This one i have got today on orkut from a good friend.... took me some time to understand... hard to explain but you've got to understand it on your own... you might agree or disagree, just give it a thought :)

Forget what ya dont ve
Forget that ya dont
Just Forget It
Forget that you're afraid
Forget that u r
Dont panic
Forget that u r alone
Everyone's Alone
Think about It

Its alright, I know tht it aint easy, But thats life

We're all in thr dark
looking for the light
So dont ya worry....

Forget tht U cant Love
Forget tht U cant
Just forget it
Forget the reasons why
Forget the reasons
Can you do that
Forget that u r lost
Everyone gets lost in the Journey

Stop Take a look around you
Just stop maybe it'd be better'
If ya calm down
its alright...

This is ma lesson of life, i never explained anyone...took a lot of time ta put it in words...
And you wont look at the world the same anymore..

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