Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Now some update about life. Last week of this long long longggggggggggggggg vacation. Got tired of doing nothing. And it is truly absolutely nothing-doing. I am even too lazy to chat with people, may be also because the weather is killing me, when it is +30 in the early morning my weak russian soul (and most of all body) can hardly bear it!!
Health problems are still there, this matter seems not to be resolved any time soon. Grrrrrrrrr... hurrrrrrrrrrrrrr and furrrrrrrrrrrrrr at the very same time. Keep on diet but forget to eat, now make everyone keep reminding me on the matter of this "necessary taking meals at the very same time each and every day". HUH!!! Makes me crazy. Though as if i somewhen have been any different as crazy!! ;)
And i might finally get a normal internet connection with normal speed and even for less money. Though from the 1st September only, but still it is worth waiting :)
Anyways i got bored with this entry, so will start a new one in a while ;)
Keep waiting!! :)

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