Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Peace of Mind

Just thought of a short update. First of all, i am feeling better than ever. life is going good, very hectic with busy schedule, but still good and i am lucky to get positive emotions every day. Last one lasts even for couple of days now and i know i am late to write about it but who the hell cares. On Sunday after 15 years Russia again won Ice Hockey World Championship. In the final game in Canadian Quebeck playing against Canada these guys have done the IMPOSSIBLE and won gold medals. :) The celebrations here are going till today and it really brings a very good feeling to see all the adult and (in other days) serious people being like little kids and feeling proud for their own country after so many years.

Somehow I catch myself at the thought that i am smiling more these days, not sure what might be the reason but then again it feels very good. Just to be back to myself after couple of months of frustration. Might even be back to Tuesday Love Ramblings next week.

If someone still keeps visiting, you might have noticed i changed the name of the blog. It is now PEACE of MIND. Dont ask me why... i just felt like that. Needed a change. And i believe thats for the best. Hence the change in design. I know it is not looking the same in all browsers, am working on it.

My system at home crashed, might be some virus, though my antivirus didnt find any *sigh* Will take me up to few days to fix everything up, so no internet connection at home and i cant do much bloghopping from office, so i was irregular with blogs, now will be even less regular. Just bear with me, please :)

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τ ħ€ ĐάЎđяёάmёя Tuesday, May 20, 2008  

these sports are wonderful way with which we people still get united..in India people are crazy abt cricket....i love weatching ice hockeys..it's very dynamic and a very rough game.loads of action...

Peace of mind is quite a serene name...i loved it....and so is the soberness of the template..and try using norton...if u r troubled with viruses..though it makes the system lil slow..but it's best..
take care n miss u

Vandita Tuesday, May 20, 2008  

glad ure smiling :)
hope u get the virus thing fixed soon

black coffee Tuesday, May 20, 2008  

yeah i know all about the changes! :D
good! you are happy.. i wish i cud smile without a reason, been a long time since i did that! :O

*~*Sameera*~* Tuesday, May 20, 2008  

Lovely makeover sweetu!

I come back on and you go offline!Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Get back online soon(from home I mean!)

Love U loads.Hugsss :)

Sophiagurl Wednesday, May 21, 2008  

I love the new blog title and it's really good to be smiling all the time. I love your good spirit my dear.

A smile, a peaceful life...what more can you ask for? Take care dear!

Ankur Wednesday, May 21, 2008  

thats the reason u missed my B'day even.. and u visit me less n less nowdays :(


Comfortably Numb Friday, May 23, 2008  

Even my computer is acting gay off late...:(
I know how it feels :P


my blog: www.cherryantacids.blogspot.com

Noushy Syah Friday, May 23, 2008  

Greetings and Hi Lena,
Congratz for the Gold medal in ice hockeys for your country..I knew how it felt like!smileeeeeeeee...

Glad to see the new changes of the blog as well as your state and yeap peace of mind is a good start...

The new template look perfect in FFox..muahhss,TC dearie.

Pavi!!!! Friday, May 23, 2008  

Glad ur feeling more peacful n smiling more often Lena! thts the way to be!

n honestly i liked ur prev template more ..it was v.soothing n v.different. Somhow in my head i match u with light shades, not this dark blue.

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