Thursday, March 20, 2008

For Better or For Worse

Life can be ironic at times. Haven't you wondered how a change in the life of someone close to you changes your life too. You wake up in the morning and it is your world, you know what you will do, what to expect, what will happen in a month, in a year. It is not like you are planning every minute in your life. It is just that there is some basic schedule your life runs after. And you are used to this schedule and you dont have to like or dislike it. You just know it is there.

But then you get to know that the life of someone you love has taken a completely a different direction and you are happy for them, you really are, but slowly you realise that it affects you more than you thought originally. It changes your life in a way you never expected.

Just few hours and life is not the same anymore. And you are confused there wondering what to do, where to go, what will happen now. And all the plans you had before are gone because now you have to start making another plans and you even dont know for how long they will be there, because maybe tomorrow you will wake up and something is changed again. As the only constant life can offer you is CHANGE.

And now for the first time in the last few months i feel helpless. Actually it is a complicated mixture of feelings.... anger, happiness, unawareness, frustration, fear, joy... Also because i wanted this change in their life. Almost every day i wished something like that would happen. And now it did and i dont know how to react.

And i know for sure that the change in this person's life is for good and it might make good changes in my life too but it also will affect in some way people i love, good or bad, it is not written yet, but it will..

I wonder how is it possible how in just few hours someone's life is changed completely and in another few hours it makes a complete mess out of my thoughts.

Maybe sometimes things have to change. And maybe sometimes they're for the better. Or for worse. Depends on us what we will write on this new blank page of our life.

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*~*Sameera*~* Thursday, March 20, 2008  

Whatever it maybe,we should not let another affect our happiness and sanity.Everything happens for the best and we have to take it as it comes,good or bad.

Hope the yet-to-be-written pages of your life are colorful and bright always! :)

Take care sweetu.Love ya.Hugsss

divya Thursday, March 20, 2008  

lena, when u waited for that thing to happen in someone's life, y u feeling sad now?

its better for sure :) but yes like sami said...dont let it affect ur happiness in any way!!


rayshma Thursday, March 20, 2008  

u know what... try not to worry... life may be strange. but it has this unnerving way of sorting itself out...
there's this lennon quote that comes to mind: life is what happens when u're busy making other plans.

stay happy! take care... :0)

Vandita Friday, March 21, 2008  

i honestly didnt quite make a lot of sense of that....
anyways take care and keep smiling :)

Lena Friday, March 21, 2008  

my sanity is ok now, Sami :P
Thank you for your kind words, sweetie :)

Love you :)

Lena Friday, March 21, 2008  

me not feeling sad, divvi, actually after i have written this all down, i am feeling better :)

love you too dear :)

Lena Friday, March 21, 2008  

thank you, rayshma :)
I am not worrying anymore, it feels good, you know :)

Lena Friday, March 21, 2008  

its ok, Vands, just some personal ramblings, makes sense to me only :)
but after i have written the post i am feeling much more better :)

Lena Friday, March 21, 2008  

yes, kaylee dear, now i am fine, that was just a minute-long weakness..
hows you? how your surgery went?

hope Friday, March 21, 2008  

Hope you feeling better now girl..

take care...

Mel Avila Alarilla Friday, March 21, 2008  

Somewhat hazy in the details. As I could gather it, there's a profound change in someone close to you and that change will have a direct bearing on you. It would have been a lot better if you had clue us in on the details. But that's okay. That's your life. You can reveal or withhold
whatever you want from your life. Thanks for the post though. God bless you and your loved ones always.

Farah Deen Friday, March 21, 2008  

I agree with you Lena. it does affect our life- big time! especially when we say we are happy for them, and we are happy to see them move on, maybe we are just lying to ourselves and to our heart- to make US FEEL BETTER, not them.

I would go crazy and break down if it happen to me too. However, it shouldn't be that way, we should be tough and face challenges as it comes, but of course time is the cure.

Noushy Syah Saturday, March 22, 2008  

Lena, the truth is, like seasons, people do change as well,either for better or worse..

Be strong enough to face reality,things happn for some reason.Take one day at a time my dear.

Wish you are feeling much better and OK yea.

Take care of yourself.
Big hugs*

Keshi Saturday, March 22, 2008  


yes few hours can change a life..even few seconds wud do. Changes r a must in life whether we like it or not, good or bad, happy or sad.



The 'Mad' Orchid Sunday, March 23, 2008  

Hmmm...Plights and delights of life aint it ;) newyz blog updated

--xh-- Monday, March 24, 2008  

change do happens and at times, the effecst r two fold. waht ever is it happening, hope it wont affect you negetively; the feeling of hollowness is not something which can be taken lightly, but I sincerly hope you will be able to overcome the adverse effect of tehc chanegs...

Lena Tuesday, March 25, 2008  

i am feeling better, hope :)
Much more better :)

Lena Tuesday, March 25, 2008  

its ok, Mel, that you didnt understand the details. it was just some personal ramblings :)

Lena Tuesday, March 25, 2008  

thank you, farah :)
But i realise now it was a good change. It made someone i love happy, it means it made me happy too :) Just was unexpected but good :)

Lena Tuesday, March 25, 2008  

thank you, Noushy so much for your inspirational and kind words !!
I am feeling much more better now, dont worry :)

Lena Tuesday, March 25, 2008  

Right, Keshi, changes are must, good and bad!!

thank you dear :)

Lena Tuesday, March 25, 2008  

exactly, Mads :)
checked your blog already :P

Lena Tuesday, March 25, 2008  

thank you, Anoop. Such words really mean a lot :)
And well, these were positive changes, i just overreacted :)

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