Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekend ... as promised ;)

Here it goes... my weekend update... as promised, as i always keep my promises ... sometimes too late though :P But nevertheless..i do keep them ;)

Friday: got paid ... any hint, what i will do on the weekend? :P
Saturday: you got it correct ;) - SHOPPING TIME
went out for shopping with friends, finaly got earphones for my mp3 player as the old ones hurt the ears :(( ... got also lots of other things including new dvds ;)
Sunday: went out for shopping :p - Predictable, isnt it :P - heheh
Watched some movies, will post reviews later when i have time :)
Played with Alexandra a lot :)
Had a nice relaxing weekend and am happy about it :))

PS: during the week learned to convert cda-files into something my mp3 player can play :P
I even didnt know before that there are cda-files :O - but now can enjoy the eminem albums in my mp3 player ;)

Have a good week everyone who was able to read it up to the end ;)

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