Sunday, April 22, 2007

Here I go again

Here I go again. Finally.. Hope nobody missed me too much, if it is the case, then extremely sorry for not updating as frequently as i get used to. My fault I know, but it is only because of the circumstances not because i didnt wish to write something here...

Life is still the same and extremely busy as I guess is pretty obvious looking at my posts only. When I write more than 1 post in a week it is already a success. The last week was a bit easier but mainly because in my work i depend on others and had to wait till they prepare all the necessary docs so that i could work too, thats why i had even take work home and finish it today which took almost all my Sunday.

I even cant write anything about the weekend as i havent noticed that I had it. In fact I dont even remember if i have eaten anything... and it is not because of my short memory, but i guess because I really havent eaten anything since Friday :O .... What a silly me!! Never was able to take care of myself.

Anyways, it was only a short update about current situation.. I can only add, that i feel good, content with myself, content with life, happy with friends and not so stressed up because of work anymore. Life has become a routine but with some bright splashes because my friends never give me time to get bored..

They use all the means for that.. starting from being in depression and continuing by logging off in the middle of the talk because they are angry with me... But nevertheless they bring lots of positiveness into my life just by being there and doing things and saying things which only they are able to do and to say...

Sometimes they are too predictable, but thats also the best fun,, when you know what they are going to do in the next moment, but you still are amazed when they do exactly this thing! And it makes you smile because you realize that there are things that only you and your friends will be able to understand while the whole world will look at you bewildered.

Ok, i will be back in a while as i want to write about something and it will take me definitely the whole new entry :) - so, see you soon, as soon as i am able to put my thoughts into words, which is not quite easy ;)

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