Monday, April 09, 2007

update ;)

I honestly very truly tried to update :O ...i really did .... i mean i did try, but not updated asssssssss first time i tried it my computer just shut down ... and the second time i've got probs with network ...hehe seems everything was against me updating butttttttttt today i will write a lot ;) as i feel like that...i feel sooooooooooooooooooooooo good ... very good ;) ...extremely good!!!

*A weird thought* am i the only one who smiles while listening to Eminem :O ...he really makes me smile a lot these days since i uploaded his albums to my player (Note!!! i have made 3 mistakes in the word "albums", isnt it funny ;)) ....

well..apart from weird thoughts .... first some update about life .... life is ok, extremely busy with work and lessons, still no replacement found.. last night i've got 3 hours of sleep only because of some urgent translation ... but somehow managed to work it throughout the day ;) ... and even dont feel sleepy... Have i already told that i was sick again??? could i? ;) well.. caught cold, spent half of the weekend in bed as whenever i came online everyone sent me to bed :D .... and after all i had to hear to good advice ;)).... friends always know better....
then..... things with hospital arent clear yet, but somehow no pains in the last time, so may be i will avoid the hospital this time :))) Would be great ;)

so..let me think if i mentioned everything i wanted.... work? done... being sick? done.... weekend?...nothing intersting ..done... news??? what news??? whoever is interested knows them all ;) boss is in normal mood again ;) but i guess i even didnt tell yet that she was in a terrible mood :O hehehe... ok, ok - silly me, sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

ok....bye for now, will be back in few mins ;) with a new post :))

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