Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Change the World: Update @ The Colors Magazine

21st century.
Globalization. Democratization. Humanization.
Overpopulation. Poverty. Disease. Terrorism.

Where do WE stand? What is our role? What do we want? Who are we and why are we here?
What can we do for the world or rather if the world needs us to do something?

Every single day you wake up; go to school, college, office. You do your home responsibilities, care for kids or parents, have fun with friends or just stay alone.
Every single day you are a small part of this machine with 6 billion elements.
And every single day you don’t care how this machine is working and if one day it just stops and refuses to move any further.
And when you think you can/should/have to change something, a fallacious thought crawls into your mind “Why me? Someone else could do it.”

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