Sunday, May 20, 2007

still here... still working.. still thinking...

Just thought about updating - havent done this for ages! Life is going in a crazy rhythm, it is even flying and when i come home after office (OMG - i really do come home from the office :D - which means life isnt that bad ;)) .. so when i come back home i hardly have any wish to type anything additionally to IM's.

Besides last week i even had to take work home and forgot anything about chatting at all - thats hard to manage both these things. But i am happy now, this project is about to be finished and i am verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry proud of myself. After all if i dont have anyone to be proud of me, I will be proud of myself alone :P

Then... a silly question - do you know anyone who can catch cold when it is +32 out there??? NO?? - Thats not true!!! Now you know - i managed to catch cold when it is summer there! One should be pretty much skilled to repeat this after me. Believe me, thats not easy.. Even i wont be able to do the same one again, so you better dont go the same way - the consequences arent exactly pleasant.

Now about next week... Got 4 days off!! Isnt it hilarious?? I think it is!!! :)
Will visit friends finally and the colleagues from my first job - so life wont be exactly boring next week - and not so exhausting fo sure :)

Anyways, it was just a boring update, will be right back with some new stuff :)

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