Tuesday, May 22, 2007

No work!!!

Thats soooooo much weird to sit in the office and have no work... NO WORK at all... Absolutely NOOOOO work!!! And no Boss - feels really astonishing, and i have no idea what to do, i even dont feel like chatting to anyone except few people who OF COURSE (why dont i wonder :P ) are NOT online!!

The good thing about boss being not here around is that i can go out and buy food in the supermarket. The bad thing about it is that i am eating all the time .. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Anyways thought about writing something here and into my russian blog as well .. because if i update here (not frequently, I admit!) but there i dont update at all :D And do you know why?? - you will never know!!! - it is because i find it tough writing in Russian :( .. it gives me so much troubles nowadays! But i struggle hard and seem to win in the unfair fight with my native language - no way i will forget how to use it :D

And i also dont know what to write - so i will go and promise to come back in a while.. Most probably my thought process will be more active at that time ;)

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