Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Do you have the life you wanted??

It's amazing because, when you're a kid you see the life you want and it never crosses your mind that it isn't gonna turn out that way.
Just a weird thought of mine, I have lots of them :) - i mean thoughts .. and some are WEIRD!!!
As children we see our future just perfectly and know exactly what we will do, how we will do this, why we will do and with whom we would like to do this. And even if we realize that it will be difficult (mostly we sure dont realize ;)) we truly believe nothing is impossible.
And even when we grow up the thought of this "Nothing is impossible" is stuck inside our heads and we keep repeating it for some motivational purposes though even the people with most positive attitude know it is not like that :)
But somehow the thought of this "everything is possible" is very nice to our minds and our hearts. I am the one who believes "Nothing is impossible", may be because i have more of a child in me still than necessary, may be because i still believe that life can turn out the way i have seen it in my childhood (can i say foreseen???)
But back to the original thought.. how many of us remember our kid's dreams and pictures of "adult" life? and how many can say that what they have dreamt 20 years ago (OMG!!! cant believe i was able to have dreams 20 years ago - seems like an eternity back in time) has come true or that they still want it to come true??
Thats so easy for children, for us as children: you just KNOW that one day it happens, but then when it DOESNT happen, you arent disappointed as you are not a child anymore and dont expect this to happen.
I dont know if i could express what I meant, thats kind of dificult, but you know what??? I told in the beginning - it was a weird thought!! ;)
The main idea is - do we have the life we wanted as children and if the answer is 'NO' .... then Are we disappointed about it??? and would we have been disappointed then 20 years back if we knew we would never have life we want?
I know we want different things from life at the every stage of our presence here - and thats silly to suppose that life we wanted as children is the same as life we want as adults... but if we drop some details and concentrate on the big things only.. considering how wise children are - isnt it the best we want for us as children and which rarely comes true because while growing up we lose something important, something we hardly will be able to find, that part of our soul that just KNOWS "Nothing is impossible" :)

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