Thursday, March 01, 2007


I will be happy!!! No matter what, no matter who... Life is going on, and yes, i want you back to me, but i cant make you love me and i cant make you be with me. But i can be happy when you are happy even if you are not with me :)

Past is past, it cant be forgotten, especially when it is not the past yet... at least not for me.
Everyone says - move on, forget, get over it... But it is not that i cant is that i dont want to...
It is not that i like to be hurt over and over again... and what else prevents me from moving - are things that i dont understand... i do want to understand them!!!! may be then it will be easier to move on :)

I am sick, took a leave, had a doctor visit today...the stupid doctors want me back to the hospital, they suppose another surgery is needed :O ... i refuse, my family insists...too much stress these days.... bad dreams..not really nightmares, just bad ones... How can someone be happy when everything is so bad? :O

Anyways, keep smiling for me, please :) then may be it will be easier for me to keep smiling too :)

Have a good night, everyone :)

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