Monday, March 26, 2007


It is a wonderful feeling to receive mails... especially when you log in in the morning to your email account and find there 15 mails... and who the hell cares that half of them are from Neel who decided to get rid of all the spam he has in his inbox by sending it to me :P ... i dont have all the 380 mails of him yet ... hehehe .. but who the hell cares .. ;)
all the mails are the sign that there are still people who love and care .. and what if the mails consists of 2 lines only .. like "have a good night" or just "good morning" .. thats only another way of showing that people do care :)
Actually thats the only reason i come online before work every day - to check up my inbox, because all these mails literally make my day :) and after that i feel sooooooooooooo amazing that no matter what can come my way i will manage it ;)
Anyways... gotta go back to work now, will post later ... one of the mails i got in the morning - a very cute one which made me smile :)

Have an amazing day everyone!!! :)

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