Friday, January 26, 2007

should i really give titles to everything? :O

The craziest week i have ever had for the last months... feel so exhausted, didnt have much time to update because of work loads :(( Feel extremely tired, want to cry and to die right now because of this stupid feeling of helplessness :(( life is sure great but sometimes it is annoying, just have a wish to leave this Earth and find a more peaceful place where there is o work, no bosses, no colleagues ... well few people are allowed, may be less than few people :O... a couple of them, or may be i'll go there alone..will enjoy silence, sleep a lot and relax.... dont know though for how long i will be able to stay there alone :O hehehe..i need for sure some people around me, may be even one will be enough ;) Just you and me, love - what do you think? ;)

well..please dont wonder if this entry is quite senseless... first - i got only 2 hours of sleep for the last 48 hours :P and second - because i am being constantly interrupted :D and distracted :P

well... now i lost the point...hehehe..i guess whoever will read this will think i am going mental :D
it is soooooooo meaningless. So i better finish this entry and start a new one. And please pray for a new entry to be a better one ;)

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